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Home » I went to the coming-of-age ceremony with my friends! A gift of gratitude to all the moms I love! A special “Weight Bear” set for new adults made by Kuma-san Kobo now has multiple bodies! If I’m with everyone, I can give it to you without embarrassme

I went to the coming-of-age ceremony with my friends! A gift of gratitude to all the moms I love! A special “Weight Bear” set for new adults made by Kuma-san Kobo now has multiple bodies! If I’m with everyone, I can give it to you without embarrassme

Dear members of the press,
Dream Workshop Co., Ltd.
I went to the coming-of-age ceremony with my friends! A gift of gratitude to all the moms I love! A special “Weight Bear” set for new adults made by Kuma-san Kobo now has multiple bodies! If I’m with everyone, I can give it to you without embarrassment. Reception starts at 20:00 on December 4th
In response to the requests of Generation Z new adults who want to prepare together with their friends, we have created a special set of “Weight Bears” for new adults that is suitable for groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5. A new set for multiple bodies is now available.
Baby Weight Bear Kuma-san Kobo (operating manager: Masayuki Ishii), which is operated by Dream Workshop Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells stuffed animals in-house, sells stuffed bears that have been adjusted to the same weight as their birth weight. We will be selling a special set for new adults of “Bear” for multiple bodies. We will deliver gratitude and emotion to your parents with the nostalgic weight of 20 years ago. Surprise your friends with a gift on Coming of Age Day. Reception begins at 20:00 on December 4, 2023.
Special set for new adults (for couples): [Image 1

Give a surprise gift with your friends at “Seno!”
What is the coming-of-age ceremony situation for Generation Z? The landscape of coming-of-age ceremonies is changing. In particular, on Instagram and TikTok, many videos are being posted of parents giving “Weight Bears” and “Weight Bears.” He and his friends give surprise presents to the mothers waiting outside the coming-of-age ceremony or 20-year-old gathering venue, saying “Se-no!”. We can see that you and your friends have prepared a “weight bear,” and you can see that this movement is attracting attention from young people.
It’s a secret boom to give a thank-you gift to your parents as a surprise at the turning point of becoming an adult. The gifts chosen are “Weight Bear” and “Weight Doll.” At Kuma-san Kobo, we started receiving more orders a few years ago, saying, “I saw it on Instagram and TikTok, too…” and we have received many happy comments from the new adults we have delivered.
・When I handed it to my parents, they naturally held it as if they were holding a baby, and they were very happy.
・I’m glad that I was able to express my gratitude to Kuma-chan. ・A present to express our gratitude. My parents cried with joy. Recently, there has been a trend among Generation Z to prepare “weight bears” among their friends and give gifts to mothers together. Kumasan Kobo has also received many inquiries asking if there is a set that they can purchase together with their friends.
In response to this demand, we are now accepting orders for special “Weight Bear” sets for new adults, as well as sets for groups of two, three, four, and five people, as well as sets for multiple bodies. [Image 2

What is Baby Weight Bear?
A baby weight teddy bear is a teddy bear made from the weight it weighed when it was born. Also called weight bear/weight doll. The average weight of a newborn is 2.98 kg (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Infant Physical Growth Survey). They are born weighing around 3 kg, but each child is different. By reproducing the different weights (weight) in 1g increments and embroidering your name, date of birth, message, etc., if you wish, it will become a one-of-a-kind treasure that will be loved for a long time.
[Image 3

Features of the special “Weight Bear” set for new adults
1. Tailor the bear by adjusting the weight in 1g increments
Accurately reproduces the weight at birth to the nearest 1g. In order to accurately reproduce the different weights of teddy bears for each order, experienced teddy bear masters handle the production. To ensure that even a 1g error does not occur, multiple professional precision instruments called “electronic balances” are used, and multiple masters inspect and weigh all products. The weight that can be produced is from 700g to 5000g.
[Image 4

2.Kuma is a “Standard Bear”
“Standard Bear” is Kuma-san Kobo’s most popular teddy bear brand. The secret to its popularity is its fluffy, soft fur and cute, teddy bear-like face. We selected the “Standard Bear” as a teddy bear suitable for celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime 20th anniversary. [Image 5

3. Two colors available
Available in two colors: soft beige and bright ivory.
[Image 6

4. Ribbon colors are available in 6 colors
There are 6 colors that you can choose from, such as your mother’s favorite color, my favorite color, a matching color for your siblings, and a color that reminds you of your father.
[Image 7

5. With embroidery on both legs
– Birth data is engraved on the left foot. Up to 5 items: name, date of birth, time of birth, weight, height.
・For [Right Foot], you can select “Thank you for raising me,” as well as several other fixed phrases or free messages (extra charge). *You can also choose the color of the sole fabric (white, light brown, dark brown) and embroidery thread color (gold thread, pink, light blue, red, dark blue) (extra charge)
[Image 8d43964-28-7eb7ea8d9a0fa09b4974-2.jpg&s3=43964-28-8b4561e3318a06e05a377a4160ff9ad9-1920x1280.jpg
6. Letter of appreciation
A postcard-sized Kumasan Kobo original letter of appreciation. This heartwarming piece can be given together with a weight bear to further express your gratitude.
Leave the name and date fields blank. Make sure to put the finishing touches on your wonderful surprise gift with your own hands. A handwritten thank you note will act as a bridge between you and your parents. It will be an irreplaceable memory for the parents receiving the gift. Let’s convey to your parents your gratitude for today and your new determination as an adult.
[Image 9d43964-28-e3e763d14b5affc57f2e-2.jpg&s3=43964-28-1041461bc7f83bf526af9bcac7c7c04f-1920x1280.jpg
[Image 10d43964-28-688ad37d8768fec32e86-2.jpg&s3=43964-28-14e553bb114c81ca6c4349840e03ffc0-1000x1000.jpg

Clear wrapping will be provided free of charge as a gift from Kuma-san Kobo. You can see the bear’s face and prevent weight bear hair from getting on your clothes. Pink and blue wrapping are also available. Please choose according to your wishes and usage scene.
[Image 11d43964-28-a83f0cce0bf8887b3436-2.jpg&s3=43964-28-6a2c9c3b6b6cf66ed1da85ce8e1e9577-1920x1280.jpg
■The special “Weight Bear” set for new adults is available at Baby Weight Bear Kuma-san Kobo Rakuten Market Store
( (for groups of two). ) available for purchase. Please check the Rakuten Market store product page for details.
Supports “next day delivery”
If you place your order today, we can arrange for shipping tomorrow. The teddy bear meisters at Kuma-san Kobo directly receive orders and deliver them, making it possible for customers to “want it right away.” Just in time for your important sunny day.
[Image 12d43964-28-447f3ee05d9efa092168-2.jpg&s3=43964-28-8e17e2930ebc7f91306035dc571fccc4-1920x1280.jpg

A surprise gift to convey “thank you” from new adults to their parents. Kuma-san Kobo supports that spirit!
Multiple body set lineup
[Image 13d43964-28-882f20ab5f47586e7c3a-2.jpg&s3=43964-28-509c547993a1e58ccaedffe14b96ffbd-1422x1328.jpg
▼Event page
▽Special set “Standard” for new adults for two people ▽Special set “Standard” for new adults for groups of three ▽Special set “Standard” for new adults for groups of four ▽Special set “Standard” for new adults for groups of five Product Summary
■Product name Weight Bear: Special set “Standard” for new adults ■Sales price (for 2 people) 16,180 yen (tax included) ~
■Fabric: Japanese acrylic (inspected by Japan Food Research Center) ■Weight: Kansui stone, PE pellets, cotton (no metal used)
■Ribbon red / royal pink / cobalt blue (dark blue) / royal blue (light blue) Cream white/gold yellow
■Size Height: Approximately 48cm Sitting height: Approximately 33cm *Size that fits in an adult’s arm *Fixed sitting style
■Color Beige (brown), Ivory (white)
■Certificate of appreciation Postcard size
■Manufacturing Made in Japan
■Handling shops
▽Baby Weight Bear Kuma-san Kobo Rakuten Market Store
▽Product page Related press releases
■Distribution date: November 27, 2023 08:00
On Coming of Age Day, I’ll give you the opposite of what I was 20 years ago! Express your gratitude to mom and dad with a teddy bear made from the weight at birth. A “letter of appreciation” creates even more emotion. A special set of weight bears for new adults in Generation Z. Reception starts on December 1st
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