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Home » Shibuya Ekimae Area Management General Incorporated Association “SHIBUYA WINTER ILLUMINATION 2023-2024 COLLE CTIONS” is currently being held to create a fantastical coloring of the newly connected Shibuya town!

Shibuya Ekimae Area Management General Incorporated Association “SHIBUYA WINTER ILLUMINATION 2023-2024 COLLE CTIONS” is currently being held to create a fantastical coloring of the newly connected Shibuya town!

Shibuya Station Area Management General Incorporated Association “SHIBUYA WINTER ILLUMINATION 2023-2024 COLLECTIONS” is being held, which will brighten up the newly connected city of Shibuya in a fantastical way!
Actor Rena Takeda “I’m so excited because it’s my first lighting ceremony in my life!” The lighting ceremony will be held on Friday, December 1st at Hachiko Plaza and Shibuya Sakura Stage.
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Shibuya Station Area Management, a general incorporated association, is implementing “SHIBUYA Town Opening 2023-2024” as a “town opening” initiative in collaboration with the SHIBUYA Town Opening 2023 Executive Committee, shopping districts, governments, businesses, etc. As part of this effort, collectively known as “SHIBUYA WINTER ILLUMINATION 2023-2024 COLLECTIONS,” we will connect illuminations in various areas such as shopping streets and commercial facilities around Shibuya Station, so that you can enjoy walking around Shibuya. going.
This year, Shibuya’s new next-generation landmark “Shibuya Sakura Stage”, which was completed on November 30, 2023, will be added, allowing you to enjoy an even more expansive view of Shibuya. On Friday, December 1st, we welcomed actor Rena Takeda as a guest and held a lighting ceremony at Shibuya Station Hachiko Plaza and the 3rd floor “Nigiwai STAGE” of Shibuya Sakura Stage. At Shibuya Station’s Hachiko Square, as the countdown began and the illuminations at Hachiko Square, the center of “SHIBUYA WINTER ILLUMINATION 2023-2024 COLLECTIONS,” were turned on, applause and excited voices could be heard from people walking at the venue and on the streets of Shibuya. And at the illumination of “Nigiwai STAGE” on the 3rd floor of Shibuya Sakura Stage, “Sakura CHORUS” (*), a multi-colored light and sound production, added color to the beginning of the new Sakuragaoka area. Furthermore, the (tentative name) Shibuya Station South Exit North Free Passage, which connects “Shibuya Stream” and “Shibuya Sakura Stage”, opened today, December 1st, making it easier to get around the north, south, east, and west areas of Shibuya, and enjoy various scenery. It’s now easier to enjoy. (*Please see the attached sheet for information on each facility)
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This winter, enjoy the “SHIBUYA WINTER ILLUMINATION 2023-2024 COLLECTIONS” with your family, friends, lover, and other loved ones, which has added Shibuya’s new next-generation landmark “Shibuya Sakura Stage”.
(*) Sakura CHORUS:
The “Sakura CHORUS” lined up on the “Nigiwai STAGE” on the 3rd floor of Shibuya Sakura Stage catch the wind like a row of cherry blossom trees in full bloom, creating a harmony of light and sound. By acquiring environmental data such as weather, human flow, and train traffic from across the entire Nigiwai STAGE, it automatically generates a performance that links lighting, aquascape, and 3D sound, creating a scenery that changes no matter what time of the year you look at it. The sound of the wind envelops the entire space and attracts visitors, just as cherry blossoms in full bloom attract visitors to see the cherry blossoms.
-December 1st (Friday) Lighting Ceremony Event Overview-
Shibuya Station Hachiko Square: “SHIBUYA WINTER ILLUMINATION 2023” lighting ceremony
Shibuya Sakura Stage: “Harmony of light and sound “Sakura CHORUS” lighting ceremony”
・Date and time: December 1, 2023 (Friday) 17:20-19:00
・Venue: Shibuya Station Hachiko Square, Shibuya Sakura Stage 3rd floor “Nigiwai STAGE”
・Sponsor: [Shibuya Station Hachiko Square] Shibuya Dogenzaka Shopping District Promotion Association (Special Sponsor: Tokyu Corporation) [Shibuya Sakura Stage]Tokyu Land Corporation
・Cooperation: Shibuya Station Area Management General Incorporated Association ・Speakers: Actor Rena Takeda, Shibuya Ward Mayor Ken Hasebe, Shibuya Ward Federation of Shops Association Chairman Kenji Onishi, and others [Guest: Rena Takeda comment]
-Shibuya Station Hachiko Square-
I really like illuminations, and when I first moved to Tokyo, I visited various illuminations in Tokyo. It was my first time participating in a lighting ceremony, so I was very excited. [Image 4d112276-6-9a16b188229d645839db-1.jpg&s3=112276-6-330a571590e41bfe1847aa7bdea74bb8-3600x2400.jpg
-Shibuya Sakura Stage 3rd floor “Nigiwai STAGE”-
(About memories of Shibuya)
I often come to Shibuya privately. People come here to enjoy various activities with their friends, such as movie theaters, theaters, table tennis, and bowling. I don’t usually have the opportunity to come to the Sakuragaoka area where the Shibuya Sakura Stage was built, but I hope that it will become a place that will continue to disseminate various things, including new culture. And I would be happy if it was reborn as a new spot in Shibuya.
(About what I want to do for Christmas)
It looks like the city will be having a lively Christmas after the coronavirus is over, so I’d like to take the time to make some Christmas food at home. I’ve been wanting to make lasagna, so I’m going to try it this Christmas.
[Image 5d112276-6-46b1a3404ae620d2ce72-1.jpg&s3=112276-6-464b8c108944ba5019c890e3b0da9663-3600x2400.jpg
-Scenes from the day-
▼Hachiko Square
[Image 6d112276-6-762675eed8b0a06f5378-1.jpg&s3=112276-6-92370d866c4ed49a6583d4fda2ab5eaa-2025x1349.jpg
▼Dogenzaka area
[Image 7d112276-6-5fabe15b008ab7158294-1.jpg&s3=112276-6-b345c02ba7a6f116ba047b4e2b4ab635-2025x1350.jpg
▼Shibuya Sakura Stage
[Image 8d112276-6-38a9e54ad652c0c8fde9-1.jpg&s3=112276-6-926652611ba2dc8afbbfc376ac344e77-3600x2400.jpg
▼Rena Takeda at the lighting ceremony
[Image 9d112276-6-4cc049c5b89006d3a13e-1.jpg&s3=112276-6-f56549c50cf23ba96432589d2bc736fc-3600x2400.jpg
[Image 10d112276-6-848569a44370387fe4e1-1.jpg&s3=112276-6-7ca7587545a3a1646584dc980cb6b010-3600x2400.jpg

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