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Home » Osaki Town SDGs Promotion Council The experience-based accommodation facility “circular village hostel GURUR I” will open on Sunday, April 14th! Reservations start from March 28th (Thursday)!

Osaki Town SDGs Promotion Council The experience-based accommodation facility “circular village hostel GURUR I” will open on Sunday, April 14th! Reservations start from March 28th (Thursday)!

[Osaki Town SDGs Promotion Council] Experience-based accommodation facility “circular village hostel”
GURURI” will open on Sunday, April 14th! Reservations start from March 28th (Thursday)!

*View in browser* *Osaki Town SDGs Promotion Council, General Incorporated Association* Press release: March 28, 2024
The experience-based accommodation facility “circular village hostel GURURI” will open on Sunday, April 14th! Reservations start from March 28th (Thursday)!
*In Osaki Town, which has the highest recycling rate of 14 times in Japan, experience a “future life where resources circulate all around” at a renovated facility that has been devised to reduce various environmental loads! *
Osaki Town SDGs Promotion Council (Location: Osaki Town, Kagoshima Prefecture Representative Director Shiro Chitose, hereinafter referred to as Osaki Town SDGs)
In Osaki Town, which has achieved the highest recycling rate in Japan 14 times, the Promotion Council is gradually starting construction and rolling out facilities in FY2023 where you can experience a
recycling-based society, “Circular Village Osaki Town.” As the first step, the experience-based accommodation facility “circular
village hostel
GURURI (Circular Village Hostel GURURI) will officially open on April 14th (Sunday). In conjunction with this, we have started accepting accommodation reservations from March 28th (Thursday).
* Reservation site: * ** At this facility, you can not only experience Osaki Town’s 25-year-old waste sorting initiative, but also renovate an existing building to improve its interior design with high insulation and the aim of recycling resources within the community.
As a “building typical of Osaki Town,” we have implemented various measures to reduce the environmental impact. It is a facility where you can actually experience some of the most advanced initiatives in Japan.

A pre-opening was held on December 21st (Thursday), with an overnight stay experience for those involved and a preview for local residents. Guests who stayed overnight said, “The sorting experience was special.When I actually tried it, I was able to understand firsthand how difficult it was to get used to it, and how little attention was paid to the details of sorting.” “The insulation We also received feedback unique to experience accommodation facilities, such as, “You’ll be more aware of the height.”

An opening event will be held on Sunday, April 14th, the official opening day. In addition to the opening ceremony, the event will include a talk event about the possibilities for future living in Osaki Town, as well as workshops using flowers, wood, and other materials.
In conjunction with the opening, we have started accepting
accommodation reservations for general customers. Accommodation reservations are available from April 15th (Monday). *Reservation site: ‘ has also been established. Here we will send information about GURURI. I would appreciate it if you could check it out.

* About “circular village hostel GURURI” *
* ●Purpose * circular village hostel
GURURI is the first facility in Osaki Town, which has achieved the highest recycling rate in Japan 14 times, to experience the
recycling-based society “Circular Village Osaki Town” developed by the Osaki Town SDGs Promotion Council. This is an experiential
accommodation facility that opened in April.
With GURURI as our base, we aim to provide a foothold for the creation of future products, services, and systems by allowing visitors to experience the foundation of Osaki’s recycling – the lives of residents where recycling activities are integrated into their daily lives. .

*●Facility details*
This facility will reuse (renovate and renovate) a former prefectural employee’s residence, and will be a place where people can experience the “normal daily life” of Osaki Town while reconsidering the speed of their lives and consumption behavior. It is an “experience-based accommodation facility”. You can experience various ways to reduce the environmental impact of this building, which is typical of Osaki Town, such as high insulation and interior design aimed at recycling resources within the region.

*Three “Gururi” experiences at GURURI*
1. Energy
* Excellent insulation and airtight performance *
GURURI achieves high thermal insulation and airtightness through the use of insulation materials and triple glass windows. The entire building is covered with an air conditioner for 6 tatami mats. In 2025, in principle, all newly built homes and non-residential buildings will be required to comply with energy conservation standards, and in 2030, stricter insulation performance will be required. Even within Kagoshima Prefecture, the number of people seeking energy-saving performance for their homes is rapidly increasing. Please come and experience a home with high insulation performance.
* Woody biomass usage experience (wood stove, boiler) *
GURURI’s hot water supply system uses a wood biomass boiler. Highly efficient energy use is possible through heat exchange through wood combustion. We also use wood from demolition work.
We have achieved circulation within the premises by “generating the energy we use ourselves.”
* Reused solar panels *
GURURI’s electricity is powered by solar panels based on a renewable energy electricity sales contract model. At the same time as contributing to increasing the use rate of renewable energy in the region, we are collaborating with our contract partner, Osumi Peninsula Smart Energy Co., Ltd., to conduct demonstration experiments on the introduction of reused solar panels. We will accumulate know-how such as investigating the power generation status of reused solar panels and risks when introducing them, and take a pioneering approach to expanding the scope of their use within the region. * 2. Interior *
* PaaS product introduction * Some of GURURI’s furniture and home appliances use a flat-rate rental service. This is PaaS (Product as a Serve /
A business model called product-as-a-service. You can use products that have been used in various places and have been repaired and maintained many times. In addition, GURURI will also try to introduce furniture and home appliances as a final destination after going through the route of “use → return → repair/cleaning → on to the next person.”
* Utilization of local resources *
We actively utilize unused local resources for furniture. The low table in the living room, where everyone staying together gathers, was made from fallen trees damaged by typhoons that would normally be discarded. The sofa bed and cushion covers are dyed using indigo, pine cones, and mulberry. The interior design anticipates a society in which resource recycling has become the norm.
* 3. Food *
* Separation Experience Kitchen 1.0 * Even people from outside the town can experience sorting household waste in Osaki Town
A kitchen where you can. It’s an island format where everyone staying can have fun sorting things out. Town residents can also participate in the functional development of separation kitchens by sharing their household know-how here.
The kitchen top, made together with the residents, was made from flooring from the former Daimaru Nursery School, and the legs were made from scrap wood from demolition. In the future, we will update the kitchen to allow for more efficient sorting, reflecting the voices and perspectives of guests.

*●Facility basic information*
Location: 2433 Hishida, Osaki-cho, Soo-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture Main opening: Sunday, April 14, 2024 *Available for accommodation from Monday, April 15th
Check-in: 15:00-18:00 Check-out: ~10:00
Accommodation fee: 24,000 yen ~ (Accommodation is for one person or more) Official website:
Official SNS:
Total floor area: Approximately 100 square meters
Structure: Reinforced concrete block construction, one-story building Basic planning and design: Osaki Town SDGs Promotion Council Detailed design and construction: Shinetsu Construction Co., Ltd. Thermal environment advisor: Orinasu Design Office Co., Ltd.

* -Osaki Town SDGs Promotion Council General Incorporated Association Organization Profile-*
Location: 2F, Japan Athlete Training Center Osumi Administration Building, 1441 Hishida, Osaki-cho, Soo-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture Representative: Shiro Chitose (Representative Director)
Business details:
Set in Osaki Town, which has won the highest recycling rate in Japan 14 times in total, including 12 years in a row, we will work with a variety of partners to promote research and development, human resource development, information dissemination, etc. to promote a circular economy.
Established: April 2021
U R L:

* -What is Osaki Town, Kagoshima Prefecture-*
Osaki Town is located on the naturally rich Osumi Peninsula, where the vast Shirasu Plateau spreads out.
Achieved the highest recycling rate in Japan and achieved “Japan SDGs” The Osaki Recycling System has been recognized worldwide for its efforts to address environmental issues, including receiving the Cabinet Secretary’s Award. In addition, the agricultural and livestock products grown in our warm climate and abundant spring water are among the largest in Japan, and we are constantly striving for high quality. U R L:

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