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Home » Shizuoka Financial Group becomes the first regional bank group to roll out “Unipos” across 10 companies

Shizuoka Financial Group becomes the first regional bank group to roll out “Unipos” across 10 companies

Shizuoka Financial Group becomes the first regional bank group to roll out “Unipos” across 10 companies
~Visualize collaboration between groups and back up stronger collaboration~ ……
Unipos Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which provides the web service “Unipos” that brings out the behavioral power of people and organizations and changes culture, is a holding company that Shizuoka Bank, which had been using it since May 2021, has announced. We would like to inform you that we have expanded the scope of use of Unipos to 10 companies within the Shizuoka Financial Group. By using the same timeline across all group companies, we share good behavior across company boundaries through messages of appreciation and praise, supporting the strengthening of collaboration between groups.
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Background to the expansion of Unipos usage to 10 companies within Shizuoka Financial Group
The needs of financial institutions are diversifying, and regional issues associated with the declining birthrate and aging population are also becoming more complex. Based on the idea that it is important to shift from a bank-centered structure to an organizational structure in which each group company can demonstrate its expertise in accordance with customer needs, we transitioned to a holding company structure in October 2022 and established Shizuoka Financial Group. I did. Shizuoka Bank, one of our group companies, started using Unipos in May 2021, and has gradually seen an increase in employee awareness survey scores, free and open communication, and an increase in the number of employees taking on new challenges. There are signs of a cultural shift. Based on these results, we expanded the scope of use to 10 group companies based on the belief that it is important to utilize the power of positive messages of gratitude and praise to create communication that transcends the boundaries of group companies.
Visible collaboration that was previously invisible from “Unipos” posts across groups
At Shizuoka Financial Group, we engage in daily operations while leveraging the expertise of each company. However, it is not possible to share the “good actions” and knowledge that occur through business emails and chat tools alone, and after transitioning to a holding company structure, it is necessary to further strengthen the collaborative power of the entire group and foster a sense of unity. , I thought we needed more help. After using Unipos for two years at Shizuoka Bank, we heard from employees who wanted to expand Unipos to other group companies, so we made it possible for employees from different companies to post on Unipos. Unipos posts messages on the web in timeline format. Shizuoka Financial Group is the first company among companies that have introduced Unipos to utilize the same timeline across groups. Through messages of gratitude and praise, we visualize daily “good behavior” and use it to create opportunities to increase collaboration among the group.
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Comment from Naoya Sumiyama, General Manager of Business Management, Shizuoka Financial Group
Shizuoka Financial Group is in the midst of carrying out large-scale organizational structural reforms, refining its problem-solving capabilities as a comprehensive financial group, and continuing to take on new challenges with the aim of maximizing the value it provides to all stakeholders. there is. Management has been aware that such bold changes represent great hope for the future, but also place a certain burden on employees. We continue to think of ways to face these changes with a positive attitude, share the joy of overcoming hardships, and utilize each other’s strengths. We are beginning to see some results in the introduction of Unipos through efforts at Shizuoka Bank. In the process of reforming our company culture and overcoming various challenges, we want to create an environment where everyone can learn about positive communication and the “good behavior” that occurs on the job site every day, and utilize it to create an environment where the Group The scope of use has been expanded to 10 companies. Social and regional issues are becoming increasingly complex, and the needs of financial institutions are diversifying. In order to create an organization where similarly diverse and
specialized human resources can thrive in order to meet these customer needs, we will continue to develop measures to spread the use of “Unipos” within the company, and actively incorporate the know-how of Unipos. We will strive to foster a culture of mutual recognition and praise.
Unipos will continue to strengthen its services and products in order to realize the world that Shizuoka Financial Group aims to achieve. that’s all
■About Unipos, which “changes culture and brings out the power of people and organizations”
Unipos is a company-wide participatory culture platform centered on Peer Bonus (R).
By exchanging praise for contributions and small incentives, we foster a culture of praise and increase behavior that changes the
organization. We support the creation of “strong organizations” by improving psychological safety, engagement, and improving turnover rates.
■About Unipos Co., Ltd.
Unipos Co., Ltd.’s purpose is to “Create an era where we can create the best group ourselves”, and we support the creation of a foundation for cultural change in organizations with software and services.
■“Unipos BLOG” where the latest Unipos implementation examples are posted
■“UNITE”: Know, learn, and utilize organizational culture reform
■Unipos Co., Ltd. Overview
Company name: Unipos Co., Ltd. (stock code: 6550)
Address: Aoyama Oval Building 7F, 5-52-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director, President and CEO Gen Tanaka
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