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Home » Keio Plaza Hotel Can you rewrite articles using a mysterious typewriter? ! Part 3 of Mystery-solving Accommoda tion Plan “Trick Journalists and Strange Articles Related to 47”

Keio Plaza Hotel Can you rewrite articles using a mysterious typewriter? ! Part 3 of Mystery-solving Accommoda tion Plan “Trick Journalists and Strange Articles Related to 47”

Keio Plaza Hotel
Rewrite articles using a mysterious typewriter? ! Part 3 of
Mystery-solving Accommodation Plan “Trick Journalists and Strange Articles Related to 47”
Reservations accepted starting April 1st (Monday) 14:00 Lodging starts April 22nd (Monday)
Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo: Nishi-Shinjuku, President: Katsumasa Wakabayashi) will begin accepting reservations for the third mystery-solving accommodation plan, “Trick Journalists and Strange Articles Related to 47,” from 2:00 p.m. on Monday, April 1st. , will start from April 22nd (Monday). In addition to staying at a hotel, we offer an experiential accommodation plan that allows you to step into a world of mystery solving.
[Image 1:×1251.jpg] The 2022 event “A Hotel that Connects Time and a Letter That Shouldn’t Deliver” revolves around the 50th anniversary of the hotel’s opening, and the second installment, “An Artwork and Six Invited Guests,” uses the hotel’s artwork as its theme. The mystery-solving game was well-received by many customers. This time, in the third edition, we will offer a special experience during your stay at the hotel where you will explore the hotel and solve the mysteries according to an original story that is developed based on the mystery-solving kit handed out at check-in.
In this plan, you become a trick journalist, visit places unique to hotels, and rewrite false articles.The mystery-solving plan will give you an immersive feeling of entering the world of the story that unfolds at Keio Plaza Hotel, and when you solve the mystery. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment.
The puzzles are placed in the highly difficult “takarush BLACK LABEL” (*) category proposed by Takarush, and the content is elaborate enough to be enjoyed even by the core fan base of puzzles.
-Story Prologue-
“…Okay, now the rewriting is complete!”
It is said that the article, rewritten using a mysterious typewriter, rewrites the memory of the person who reads it. Reporters who rewrite articles that have already been published and overwrite their memories are called “trick journalists.” I work as a trick journalist in the OKEI editorial department. There are many false articles circulating in the world that may or may not be true, and it is my job to research these articles and rewrite the false sentences into correct ones. One day, I was researching an article at the Keio Plaza Hotel, which is nearby and has been called a “treasure trove of scoops” by the editorial department. Just as I was thinking of starting the interview, I received a phone call from the editor-in-chief. “It seems there will be a scoop about the Keio Plaza Hotel where you are staying. It seems like it’s all about topics that are currently being talked about. Please cover that article as well and rewrite the article if necessary.”
Excited by the anticipation of a big scoop, I began preparing for the interview. (*) “takarush BLACK LABEL” is a mystery-solving event for adults in which participants become the protagonists of the story and unravel the mysteries while touring the facility and around town.
■Mystery-solving accommodation plan “Trick journalists and strange articles related to 47” Overview
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Accommodation period: April 22, 2024 (Monday) to November 30, 2024 (Saturday) Fee:
1 room for 2 people 1 person 30,700 yen~
(Mystery-solving kit, in-house restaurant voucher, breakfast, service charge and tax included)
*Rates are available for 1 to 4 people per room.
*Plans without breakfast (from 22,500 yen per person) and club floor stay plans are also available.
・Mystery solving kit (1 set per room)
Additional kits are available for guests sharing the same room for 2,200 yen (tax included). It will end as soon as it runs out. ・In-house restaurant voucher (equivalent to 9,000 yen per person) Target stores: Super Buffet – Glass Court -, Chinese Cuisine – Minamien -, Japanese Cuisine – Kagari -, Main Bar – Briand -, Sky Lounge – Aurora -, – Cocktail & Tea Lounge –
・Check-in 14:00 ~ / Check-out ~ 11:00
*Estimated play time…3 to 5 hours or more
*Playable time…from check-in to check-out
(However, you can explore the building until 23:00 on the day of check-in) Accommodation plan page URL: Inquiries/Reservations: (03)5322-8000 [Direct for accommodation reservations] ※The photograph is an image
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