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Wine Scan LLC New features included The Wine Scan app has been significantly renewed!

[Wine Scan LLC] [New features included] The Wine Scan app has been significantly renewed!

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Press release: March 29, 2024
[New features included] The wine scan app has been significantly renewed! *Wine inventory management is even more convenient! Total support for wine-related operations with easy-to-use design and full
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WineScan LLC has released a long-awaited update to its wine inventory management app “WineScan.” This latest version adds a variety of features that make wine inventory management easier and more convenient.

In addition, the app’s all-screen design has been redesigned to improve usability. This allows users to operate the app more smoothly and enjoy the world of wine to the fullest.
-New features included-
Three new features are now available on tablet devices.
・Analysis function
An analysis function (added on December 30, 2023) has been added that allows you to understand inventory and sales status in real time. On the analysis screen, you can always keep track of the latest inventory status and understand trends in wines that are selling well. A reliable ally when purchasing wine.
・Wine list function
A new wine list function has also been added, making it possible to automatically generate a wine list for customers. The wine list reflects the app’s inventory information in real time. No more having to remove sold-out wines from your list.
・Seller change function
Furthermore, a seller change function has been introduced, allowing users to freely change sellers according to their preferences and needs.

WineScan offers a free trial period of up to 2 months for a limited time until April 2024. You can freely try out new features with a free trial. Please take this opportunity to experience the convenience and value of our services.
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* -Reasonable price plan-*
There is no initial cost, and for a monthly fee of 2,980 yen, you can use all functions from warehousing and retrieval to inventory taking. We also offer a free trial period of up to 2 months. Please feel free to try it. Click here to learn more about the plan.

WineScan(R)︎, a wine inventory management service for restaurants, aims to contribute to the development of the entire industry by promoting the digitalization of restaurants. We will continue to value feedback from users and strive to improve our services.

We provide consistent support from installation to system maintenance. If you are a restaurant owner or sommelier who is interested, please use the inquiry form (

)Please contact us. Our representative will contact you.
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