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WHILL Co., Ltd. Introduction of short-distance mobility “WILL” transportation service at Tateshina Tokyu H otel

[WHILL Co., Ltd.] Introduction of short-distance mobility “WILL” transportation service at Tateshina Tokyu Hotel

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Press release: March 29, 2024
Short-distance mobility service “Will” introduced at Tateshina Tokyu Hotel *~Ahead of the spring/summer tourist season, we are proposing a new walking experience where everyone can feel the wind in the forest and enjoy nature~*
WHILL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President)
CEO: Osamu Sugie (hereinafter referred to as “WHILL Company”) will launch the “WHILL Mobility Service”, a transportation service that utilizes “WHILL”, a short-distance mobility device that can be operated by yourself without the need for a license, starting from Saturday, March 30, 2024. Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tokyu Resorts & Stay”), a member of the Tokyu Land Group that handles resort hotels, etc., is pleased to announce that it will be introduced at the “Tateshina Tokyu Hotel” operated in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture.
As “universal tourism”, where everyone can enjoy traveling without hesitation, regardless of age or gender, is spreading in the tourism industry, in advance of the spring and summer tourist season, people can freely tour the nature and facilities scattered on the vast grounds. We provide transportation services that allow you to It can also be enjoyed as an activity that allows you to relax and feel nature, and we aim to encourage a wide range of people to visit and extend their stay, including seniors, three-generation families, and young people.

Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. is developing the entire area surrounding Tateshina Tokyu Hotel as Tokyu Resort Town Tateshina, a complex resort that includes promenades where you can enjoy nature walks and forest bathing, hotels and cottages, golf courses, ski resorts, and hot spring facilities. It is operated. While it is used by many people, including families, there are also issues with the physical ability of elderly people and those who are concerned about walking long distances to be able to enjoy the ride to the fullest. This time, in order to offer a new walking experience that allows not only seniors, but also third-generation families and younger generations to enjoy nature at a leisurely pace and discover the charms of nature, we have developed a four-wheeled scooter type that can be used as a form of transportation and can be ridden on sidewalks. ‘WHILL
We have introduced two “S” units and will begin renting them out to hotel guests. Activities such as cycling and trekking have always been popular with many people, but those who are not accustomed to riding a bicycle, those who want to explore on foot, those who want to go around at the same pace as their companions, and those who are not physically fit or tired. Easy to use for those who are worried.

In order to realize a society where everyone can enjoy traveling and moving without hesitation, WHILL will continue to provide WHILL, which allows temporary use of Will throughout the country.
We will continue to expand SPOT and strive to improve our services.

■WHILL Mobility Service Overview
Operation start date: Saturday, March 30, 2024
Rental location Tateshina Tokyu Hotel 1st floor front desk
Rental period: Based on business hours
Price: 550 yen per hour
Adopted model WHILL Model S
Conditions of use: Those who can place their feet on every other foot when seated, those who weigh less than 115 kg, those who have the judgment and attentiveness necessary for operation, etc.
How to use Apply at the front desk on the 1st floor of Tateshina Tokyu Hotel About Tateshinatokyu Hotel:; *Service contents are subject to change without notice.

■About WHILL mobility service
Short-distance mobility in walking areas that travels at speeds of 6km/h or less This is a service that combines Will and a mobility management system. Anyone can easily rent a Will on the premises of public facilities such as hotels, tourist spots, and sports arenas. WHILL, which is being introduced to corporate facilities as a service that provides a comfortable moving environment, is available for temporary use throughout the country.
We are expanding SPOT.
Based on the results of previous studies*, this service has been shown to have a certain effect on promoting visits from multiple
generations, improving repeat visit rates, and extending the length of stay.
*More than 90% of people said they wanted to come again, and just under 80% said their time at the facility had increased. We have received comments such as “With WHILL, I can bring my parents with peace of mind.” WHILL company survey
Service user 76ss Implemented in May 2022
■About Will
Will is a short-distance mobility vehicle that allows you to drive in walking areas without the need for a license. Model
S is a scooter type with a handle that allows you to ride outdoors stably for long periods of time. The driving experience is
particularly similar to that of a car, and you can easily move around more comfortably, just like you would with a bicycle, by switching between a car and wheel depending on the distance and purpose of your outing.
About the product:
-About WHILL-

WHILL was founded in Japan in May 2012, and has developed
short-distance transportation products and services in more than 20 countries and regions with the mission of “making transportation fun and smart for everyone.” Our main businesses are the development and sale of short-distance mobility wills, which are characterized by their high design and operability, and mobility services (corporate rental/self-driving) that provide an easy mobility experience using wills. WHILL builds a world where anyone can connect to any place by covering short distances and walking areas (sidewalks, indoors and outdoors) that cannot be reached using other means of transportation, based on two core businesses. To do.
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