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SORAMHI Received “Innovative CX Partner” at “KARTE Partner Award 2024”

Received “Innovative CX Partner” at “KARTE Partner Award 2024” ……
SORAMHI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Kawamoto, hereinafter SORAMHI) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Innovative CX Partner at the KARTE Partner Award 2024.
[Image:×630.jpg] Our company received the KARTE Partner Award 2024, an award for partner companies of the CX (customer experience) platform KARTE provided by Plaid Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director and CEO: Kenta Kurahashi).
Awarded “Innovative CX Partner”.
The “KARTE Partner Award 2024” award ceremony was held on March 6th at “KARTE Friends THANKS DAY 2024,” an invitation-only party limited to KARTE-using companies.
We will continue to develop nearshore operational personnel and solve marketing issues faced by user companies through PDCA, such as proposing, operating, deploying, and verifying measures using KARTE, with the aim of increasing sales for user companies.
In addition, TBS Television, which we supported, was awarded the KARTE BRONZE STAR in the “KARTE STAR 2024” award for companies that utilize KARTE.
About the “KARTE STAR” award that recognizes the challenges of companies that utilize KARTE
KARTE STAR is an annual award that recognizes the challenges of KARTE-based companies (KARTE Friends) that are working to improve customer experience (CX), digitally transform business (DX), and transform employees and teams (EX). The award is named “KARTE STAR” because it is an award presented to KARTE Friends who continue to take on challenges together with KARTE and shine.
KARTE STAR evaluates the entries received from each company from three perspectives: “improving customer experience,” “digital business transformation,” and “employee and team transformation.” KARTE GOLD STAR, KARTE SILVER STAR, KARTE BRONZE We have selected STAR. Reference:
About KARTE Partner Award 2024, an award for KARTE partner companies The KARTE Partner Award 2024 is given to KARTE partner companies that supported the business growth and CX transformation of KARTE-using companies in supporting the introduction and utilization of KARTE from January to December 2023. This award is given in recognition of outstanding achievements.
The KARTE Partner Award 2024 has the following three categories. 1) Partner of the Year
One partner was selected for achieving outstanding overall results through partner collaboration activities.
2) Rising Star
Regardless of business size, partners will be selected who are able to quickly establish a collaborative system, start activities, develop solutions, and produce results.
3) Innovative CX Partner
Selected by the partner who created the most innovative KARTE usage case study Reason for award
TBS NEWS Regarding the introduction of KARTE in the DIG app, we will utilize the new product KARTE Craft to process and accumulate the huge amount of data obtained from viewer surveys at the appropriate time, and analyze it by segment from multiple angles while combining other tools. The project was recognized for its innovative use of a new method of linking broadcasting and digital in broadcasting, which emphasizes the accuracy and real-time nature of aggregated data. ■Comment from TBS TV
We would like to sincerely thank SORAMHICHI for their support in introducing KARTE.
With the support of SORAMICHI and Plaid, we were able to develop a survey function linked to the program and deliver a new user experience through the TBS NEWS DIG app.
In the future, we would like to continue to utilize KARTE to deliver an experience that is tailored to users with the TBS NEWS DIG app. TBS Television Co., Ltd.
NEWS DIG Planning and Development Office Manager
Nanbu Ryouo
■SORAMICHI comment
I am very happy to receive this prestigious award.
Regarding KARTE Craft, although there were still few initial implementation cases, the reason we were able to achieve stable operation so quickly was because we worked together with TBS TV and Plaid.
Based on our strong partnership with Plaid, we will continue to work as a partner to support our customers in improving their CX using KARTE.
-SORAMICHI Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
SORAMICHI Co., Ltd. is a DX consulting group that supports corporate transformation from strategy planning to implementation. Based on our extensive consulting experience, we envision the ideal state based on marketing and IT strategies, and with a high level of expertise, we provide optimal solutions to solve our customers’ problems and accompany them through to implementation. Together with over 200 highly specialized colleagues, we handle a wide range of businesses including DX business (system consulting, in-house service
development, system development), digital marketing business (internet advertising and creative production), and hotel and restaurant businesses.
Address: LIFORK Otemachi R05, 1F Otemachi First Square West Tower, 1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
Established: May 2017
Representative Director and President: Koji Kawamoto
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