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MENOU Co., Ltd. MENOU, which allows you to easily create inspection AI using a mouse, has exceeded 1000 users.

MENOU Co., Ltd.
MENOU, which allows you to easily create inspection AI using a mouse, exceeds 1000 users
MENOU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Tsukiteru Nishimoto), which provides image inspection solutions using AI, has surpassed 1,000 users of the MENOU inspection AI creation tool (*1). We would like to inform you that (*2). MENOU provides software that allows you to easily create testing AI with no code, and the number of users has increased as testing automation is attracting more attention due to the shortage of workers due to the recent decline in the working population. We have broken through.
[Image 1:×542.png ]
MENOU provides “Inspection AI MENOU”, a service that allows anyone to develop AI in-house to automate appearance inspections using AI. Because it can be used without code and is highly versatile, it is being used not only at inspection sites in a wide range of industries, but also in AI education (accumulating know-how) at companies and educational institutions.
In today’s world facing a labor shortage, the need for inspection automation using inspection AI is expanding to ensure sustainable quality, improve quality, and improve traceability. Since “Inspection AI MENOU” can reproduce visual inspection as it is, AI inspection is being introduced at various inspection sites such as “automotive parts inspection,” “electrical/electronic product inspection,” “food inspection,” “package inspection,” and “infrastructure inspection.” It is progressing.
*1: MENOU-TE, an AI creation tool provided by Inspection AI MENOU *2: Number of users using MENOU-TE
What is inspection AI MENOU?
An integrated development environment for image AI inspection development that does not require specialized AI knowledge. This makes it possible to develop complex and advanced
inspection/inspection/inspection software, which is performed by inspectors, without programming, using no-code.
“Data shaping,” “AI model construction,” “AI evaluation,” and “AI embedding,” which were previously performed by AI engineers, are combined into one application, and the necessary work can be done with just GUI operations, making development, maintenance, and improvement easier. This will facilitate the in-house production of inspection AI. We interviewed companies that have actually implemented MENOU’s inspection AI service, and introduced specific implementation examples on our website based on the selection criteria of performance, ease of use, scope of application, and implementation steps.
You can see the introduction example of inspection AI MENOU from the following page.
[Image 2:×503.png ]
About the Manufacturing World Nagoya exhibition
You can experience inspection AI MENOU at “Manufacturing World Nagoya” held at Port Messe Nagoya.
On the day of the event, a MENOU mobile lab will be set up at the booth, where customers can perform AI verification on the work or photos they bring in on the spot. If you are considering automating visual inspection using AI or would like to discuss visual inspection issues you are having trouble with in the field, please take this opportunity to bring your photos or work and have AI verification performed at the MENOU lab. Please try it.
Manufacturing World Nagoya
Event date and time: April 10th (Wednesday) to April 12th (Friday), 2024 Venue: Port Messe Nagoya
Admission fee: Free (*Advance registration required)
Detailed information: [MENOU booth]
Exhibition company name: MENOU Co., Ltd.
Booth number: 27-84 (Hall name: 3rd Exhibition Hall)
MENOU On-site Lab “Trial AI Verification”
●Recommended for these people
・I would like to see if the appearance of the products I handle can be inspected using AI.
・I would like to hear more about the introduction of AI visual inspection ・I want to know how to actually develop AI
●We also accept advance reservations.
*Please note that it may be crowded on the day of the event, so if you make a reservation in advance, we will be able to guide you smoothly without having to wait.
▽▽For advance reservations, please contact us below▽▽
About MENOU Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “adding value to inspections,” we develop and sell solutions to solve problems in visual inspection using AI.
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Company name MENOU Co., Ltd.
Hamamatsucho Office 1-12-4-2F Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director and CEO: Tsukiteru Nishimoto Established June 2019
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