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Home » Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum 2024 Executive Committee This is the third year! “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum ” will be held from May 17th (Friday) to May 19th (Sunday), where the food of Tokyo, the world-famous food capital, wi ll be gathered together

Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum 2024 Executive Committee This is the third year! “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum ” will be held from May 17th (Friday) to May 19th (Sunday), where the food of Tokyo, the world-famous food capital, wi ll be gathered together

Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum 2024 Executive Committee
This is the third year! “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” will be held from May 17th (Friday) to May 19th (Sunday), where the food of Tokyo, the world-famous food capital, will be gathered together!
The Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum 2024 Executive Committee will open the “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” in Ariake in 2024 in order to convey the charm of “Tokyo’s ever-evolving food,” which is packed with world-class “diverse delicacies.” The event will be held for three days from May 17th (Friday) to May 19th (Sunday).
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Tokyo has developed a world-class and diverse food culture by inheriting the food culture of all of Japan while simultaneously incorporating the wonders of food from around the world and adding new essences to it, making it truly the “City of Food.” is.
“Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” brings together a variety of restaurants that are driving the food scene in Tokyo, and provides a place where chefs and customers can think about, experience, and enjoy food together. At the Tokyo Delicious Museum held last year, approximately 45,000 people visited and experienced the charm of Tokyo’s food.
This year, when the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan is expected to increase further, Ariake will also have a space where you can feel traditional Japanese culture with tatami mats and food stalls as motifs, further enhancing the appeal of Tokyo food. We will continue to disseminate information domestically and internationally. Detailed information on the event will be updated on the official website and various SNS.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the once-a-year food festival where you can fully experience the world-famous “Food Capital of Tokyo.”
“Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” statement
“Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” aims to support visitors who are both eaters and supporters of the food scene, participating chefs, and all food and beverages in Tokyo, so that Tokyo can continue to be a world-class food capital. We want to work together with everyone involved to create the future of food in Tokyo, and this desire is reflected in our statement, “Let’s eat, let’s find. Let’s create the world’s most delicious Tokyo.” .
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Eating area and other contents
This year’s “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” will feature a variety of content including food and beverages, merchandise sales, workshops, and stages. In the food and beverage area, visitors can enjoy Tokyo’s diverse cuisine while visually experiencing Japanese culture at places such as “LIVE KITCHEN TATAMI.” In addition, in the merchandise sales and workshop areas, we will provide a space where you can enjoy attractions that go beyond just eating.
A zone where you can enjoy food provided by long-established Tokyo restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants in a 40-meter
tatami-floored space, the first of its kind at this event. Experience the cutting edge of Tokyo food in a tatami-floored space that is an icon of Japanese traditional culture. The appeal is that you can thoroughly enjoy limited menus specially prepared by popular restaurants.
A course meal will be provided from 18:00 to 19:30. You can enjoy a special dining experience, such as receiving explanations of the dishes directly from the chef. (Advance reservation required for course meals)
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Vegetarian cuisine Daigo [Vegetarian cuisine]
A famous restaurant where you can enjoy vegetarian cuisine that has evolved with the times while maintaining the same menu that has been around since its establishment in 1950. The healthy menu, which takes advantage of the flavors of ingredients such as vegetables and tofu, is also popular among women.
Ponte Corbo
A famous YouTuber chef moved from Nagano to Tokyo and opened a restaurant. An innovative restaurant based on Italian cuisine that incorporates Japanese food culture such as charcoal grilling, fermentation, and dashi soup.
Akasaka Sichuan Hotel
The founder of Sichuan cuisine was founded by Mr. Chen Jianmin, who popularized Sichuan cuisine in Japan. It is also known as a restaurant that popularized Chinese classics such as mapo tofu, shrimp with chili sauce, and fried chicken.
A ramen kaiseki restaurant that requires reservations. The soy sauce and noodles that form the basis of the dishes are all carefully made in-house, and throughout the course you can enjoy exquisite dishes made with dashi and soy sauce.
*The menu provided at the event is different from the regular menu at each store.
List of other stores opening
-Providing food and drinks-
Akihabara Caligari
Grilled eel Nyorosuke
Sushi Ryuta
Chen family’s private dish
Tsukishima Spain Club
Tokyo Yamate Culinary School
Nara Mahorobakan
Meat soup dumplings dumplings
Mukojima Shichifuku Sparrow Inn
Peruvian cuisine ALDO
Yamada’s eel
Yamagata Sandandero
Yopu king pork grilled with salt
a gatte tanshie
HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo Main Store
Piatto Suzuki
Restaurant SAI Rin
-Sales of food, etc.-
Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei
Tokyo Tourism Foundation Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Shinbashi Shinseido
sea ​​vegetables
Takeno and Ohagi
Local Independent Administrative Agency Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center
Niigata Prefecture Rice Flour Sweets
Japan Food Sample Art Association
Hibi baked sweet potato
*As of March 29, 2024
*For details on the stores opening, please check the official website of each store.
Event overview
■Name: Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum
■Date: May 17th (Friday) to May 19th (Sunday), 2024, 11:00-21:30 each day ■Venue: Symbol Promenade Park, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Stone and Light Square/Flower Square)
■Access: 1 minute walk from Kokusai Tenjijo Station on the Rinkai Line (23 minutes from Ebisu, 30 minutes from Shinjuku)
Yurikamome Ariake Station 3 minutes walk (24 minutes from Shinbashi, 6 minutes from Toyosu)
Get off at Tokyo BRT International Exhibition Hall (17 minutes from Shinbashi) Toei Bus: Get off at Kokusai Tenjijo Station or Tokyo Teleport Station (35-40 minutes from Monzen-Nakacho)
■Entrance fee: Free, food and drinks charged separately
■Official website:
■Official SNS:
Instagram: TikTok:
*Held in the rain (in case of stormy weather, it may be canceled at the organizer’s discretion)
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