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Home » Carnegie Hall was a dream I had for 13 years. And what is Alberto Pizzo’s new dream?

Carnegie Hall was a dream I had for 13 years. And what is Alberto Pizzo’s new dream?

Carnegie Hall was a dream I had for 13 years. And what is Alberto Pizzo’s new dream?
“In 2011, I was in New York dreaming of the American dream. I was going to the Starbucks next to the hall, imagining playing at Carnegie Hall.”
Alberto Pizzo is a pianist/composer living in Japan. It has been decided that they will perform in concert at Carnegie Hall in New York in May 2024.
At the age of four, she began learning piano from a nun at a convent in the old city of Naples. Behind the glittering sun and cheerful cityscape, there is a real Italian mafia called the Camorra that rules the city. “If I made one mistake, I could have become a drug smuggler,” he says, and the depth of his eyes reveals the seriousness of his persistent pursuit of his dreams in the chaotic streets of Naples.
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] Our organization supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st a day to share dreams. This press release tells the story of Musica Neve’s dream.
Under the strict but warm teachings of the nuns, his brilliance and talent blossomed, and by the time he entered the Naples National Conservatory at the age of 8, he was already serving as organist at the conservatory’s church services.
A series of successes and failures that every artist experiences. Ambition, jealousy, betrayal, despair, loneliness, frustration, frustration. Having tasted it all, Alberto traveled from Italy to New York alone. All I had was a one-way ticket and a dream.
“I did everything in New York.”
The first place I lived was in Chinatown. There was a hole in the door and a rat in the room.
One day, as I was walking around looking for a job, I heard the sound of a piano, so I jumped into an Italian restaurant behind Broadway. It was a VIP store frequented by Hollywood actors. A chef who was also from southern Italy took a liking to him and asked him to come over tonight, and he quickly became a signature musician.
Michael Douglas, Ben Stiller, and Chris Noth were also said to have fallen in love with Alberto’s piano. Michael Douglas even asked him to perform at his private party.
“I could live off just the tips I got every night.”
[Image 2:×540.jpg] An Italian producer saw what was going on and asked if they would like to return to Italy and release a CD domestically.
Excited by the offer from CINEVOX, the long-established film music label to which the late Ennio Morricone belonged, he released his first album, “Funambulist.” Returned to Italy.
While performing mainly in Italy, Europe, the United States, and Japan, he released his second album “On the way” with strong jazz elements, and in 2015 released his third album “Memories” directed by the late Louis Bacalov. Released by Classic.
In the same year, he was appointed as a European Yamaha Artist, and in his private life, he met a Japanese woman who supported him during a period of hesitation and anxiety immediately after graduating from the conservatory, and he married her.
Alberto, who became a father the following year, was once again in a state of frustration. In search of a goal that would never be reached, he continued to write songs and bang on the keyboard. Frustration in hopes, an unseen future, an unstable life, and dissatisfaction with management. It was the limit.
At his wife’s request, he moved his base to Tokyo.
Language barriers, cultural barriers. Still, Japan was kind.
[Image 3:×1440.jpg] Immediately, Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings released the Japan-only best-of album “AMORE”. CD release event held at Ginza Yamaha Studio. From now on, we will enter the coronavirus pandemic at a time when the whole country is about to face it.
All concerts and events have been canceled, and students have refrained from attending lessons. He was one of the artists who lost his income and was grieving.
At that time, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. The family was on the brink of despair.
He wrote the song obsessively while supporting his wife’s illness with his 4-year-old son. The piano was the only thing that kept his spirit connected.
A year has passed since then. After completing his treatment, he had the chance to record the new songs he had written with his wife and children at London’s Abbey Road studio. Eight years have passed since he recorded with the London Symphony in Studio 1 under the baton of the late Louis Bacalov, and the moment he finished recording all 11 songs in two days in Studio 2, where the Beatles once recorded, Alberto broke down in tears on the spot. Ta. When I entrusted all my pent-up emotions to the piano and let them out, I was liberated.
[Image 4:×2048.jpg] The song has not yet been released.
April Dream 1 is to send that song out into the world!
A variety of new songs that will stir your emotions, with a variety of genres such as piano songs, rap, cello co-stars, and soprano co-stars. The beauty of the melodies in Alberto’s work was highly praised by those in the industry, even when he provided the music to Kei-chan of Pink Lady, also known as Kei-chan Masuda (lyrics written by Goro Matsui of Komorebi no Chair).
[Video 2:] In 2023, Alberto won first place in the piano category at the Ibra Grand Award Japan, unanimously voted by the judges of famous pianists, and won the Grand Prix in all categories, with the organizer Mrs. Devi also praising him highly. Five years have passed since I moved my base to Japan. Little by little, the number of friends who supported him increased, the team expanded, and he began to walk towards his dream again.
April Dream 2’s songs will be featured in movies, historical dramas, and documentaries, and will reach the ears of many people. And to do a Japan tour and a world tour with that song.
As a step toward that goal, a recital has been scheduled for Saturday, July 20, 2024 at Ginza Yamaha Hall.
[Image 5:×1037.jpg] Devi Soekarno presents Excellent pianist/composer ALBERTO PIZZO feat. 嘯ふう月 ~ A supreme experience that shakes the five senses ~ The world-renowned Italian pianist Alberto Pizzo takes on the challenge of new possibilities for traditional Japanese performing arts
Saturday, July 20th Doors open at 15:30, Performance starts at 16:00, Ginza Yamaha Hall
Sponsored by: Earth Aid Society
Advance general ¥5,000 Advance student ¥3,000
Here, too, they will perform a new song recorded at Abbey Road. His music is reminiscent of the city of Naples, with its dual aspects of cheerfulness and melancholy. He has the transcendental skills of a keyboard magician, beautiful tones like teardrops, Latin rhythms flowing through his DNA, and jazz chords cultivated on the streets of New York.
His new challenge will lead to April Dream.
[Image 6:×1456.jpg] “Become a Hollywood film composer and win an Oscar.”
Alberto continues to say so.
Being able to clap a big mouth is a talent.
I’m sure he will make his dream come true and head to April Dream3 again. Having overcome all difficulties and adversities, I wonder what kind of scenery he will show us next.
In the spring, he gave a recital at the Italian Embassy in Japan. After that, they will perform in New York, Madrid, and Sicily, and then make their triumphant return performance in Tokyo in July. We want you to experience the one and only Alberto style.
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“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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