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Home » Alphanet Co., Ltd. Toothpaste will be renewed and on sale from the popular American bad breath care brand ProFresh on Tuesday, April 2, 2024!

Alphanet Co., Ltd. Toothpaste will be renewed and on sale from the popular American bad breath care brand ProFresh on Tuesday, April 2, 2024!

Alphanet Co., Ltd.
ProFresh, the popular American bad breath care brand, has renewed Toothpaste and will start selling it on Tuesday, April 2, 2024! Contains ingredients that absorb and decompose odors to thoroughly remove plaque. Realize full-fledged bad breath care at home. ……
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Like the oral rinse that was renewed in 2023, the logo and package design have been changed.
The contents have the same specifications as before, and together with oral rinse, it thoroughly prevents bad breath.
■Renewal content
・Package design
*Other than that, there are no changes to the brand name, JAN code, price, ingredients, content, efficacy, etc.
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] Pro Fresh Tooth Paste 110g / 1,650 yen (tax included)
■Bad breath care is essential for your new life!
Starting April in a new environment! There are many people who say so. In a new environment, not only clothes but also smell are important factors that affect impressions.
No matter how clean and well-dressed you are, if you notice bad breath when you talk.
The impression of an unpleasant odor becomes greater and the memory of it remains…
To prevent this from happening, you will need to take care of your bad breath every day. If you take proper care of bad breath
It can be prevented, so take care of it every day with Profresh, which specializes in preventing bad breath.
[Image 3:×1280.jpg] ■Characteristics of Tooth Paste
A toothpaste specialized for preventing bad breath that aims to make your mouth odorless when used in combination with ProFresh Oral Rinse. Considering its compatibility with oral rinse, we created a paste that is more effective when used as a set.
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] ●Two ingredients are an approach to bad breath.
Cyclodextrin: Adsorbs odors and suppresses bad breath gas.
Zinc gluconate: Deodorizing effect and antibacterial effect. ●Control the pH in your mouth
If the inside of your mouth becomes acidic, bad breath tends to occur, so this weakly alkaline paste helps to make it more neutral. ●Synergistic effect with oral rinse
Without interfering with the deodorizing effect that characterizes oral rinses. The formulation contains as little fragrance as possible, making it nearly odorless.
●No synthetic fragrances or colorants
Prevents bad breath, prevents tartar buildup, prevents cavities, removes dental plaque, whitens teeth
Cleanse the mouth and remove plaque
■How to use
First, rinse your mouth with ProFresh Oral Rinse and spit it out. Then, take an appropriate amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush and carefully brush your teeth and gums. Rinse any excess paste left in your mouth with water and spit it out.
■About usability
The feature is that it removes bubbles very well, so if you rinse it with water after brushing, it will leave a refreshing aftertaste. Contains caraway fruit oil (essential oil) as a fragrance, giving a refreshing sensation in your mouth.
The paste itself is slightly loose, so when using it, gently apply it to the brush.
Please brush.
[Image 5:×1280.jpg] ■Handling address
Alphanet official online site (own site, Rakuten, Yahoo)
Amazon, Rakuten, variety shops, some dental clinics, etc.
*Renewal timing may vary depending on the sales destination. Click here for details
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