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Home » Water Challenge, a popular creator with 2 million YouTube subscribers, has finally published his first book!

Water Challenge, a popular creator with 2 million YouTube subscribers, has finally published his first book!

Water Challenge, a popular creator with 2 million YouTube subscribers, has finally published his first book!
“Sorry Teacher Special Book – The Strongest Teachers and Fun Students”, which fully opens up the “Sorry Teacher World”, will be released on April 1, 2024 (Monday).
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) will publish the popular creator Water Challenge’s book “Sorry Teacher Special Book – The Strongest Teacher and the Joyful Students” in April 2024. Published on Monday, January 1st.
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Very popular in Minecraft! The world of Sorry Teacher is now a long-awaited book!
“Sorry Teacher” has established an unwavering popularity in Minecraft. He has 2 million subscribers, which is one of the top YouTube creators whose main focus is Minecraft.
In March 2024, the 10th anniversary of our activities, we will release our first book as a special year. This is a book that captures the charm of the strongest and most righteous teacher and his students.
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In the original character introduction, everyone’s status is revealed. Their respective pasts too.
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Also includes recommended videos and original interviews by Sorry Teacher. Jump out of the video and go wild! 64 pages of original manga! Sorry Teacher’s videos are popular for their carefully constructed original stories and comedic parts depicting school life. This time, we will bring you new activities and laughter in the world of manga. One is “Sorry School Gaiden: Messenger from the Demon World,” which depicts the battle against the new threat “Necrom,” the god of death that attacks Sorry School. The characters’ serious expressions and the powerful battle scenes, which cannot be seen in the video, are a must-see.
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Sorry, a threat has arrived at the school! What will happen to the teacher!? Total 32 pages
The other is the manga version of the popular video content “Sorry Bakusho Gekijo” called “Sorry Bakusho Gekijo”. This is a gag manga that depicts a teacher and students acting in silly yet serious ways, such as “Last-minute fight to be late” and “How to make the lazy blues move”.
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An original gag manga in 4-panel format. Total of 4 stories, 32 pages. Purchaser benefits are also available!
Purchaser benefits are also available at each store.
At, the original message from Sorry Teacher is a data bonus.
At Miraiya Shoten, there are group photo postcards of sorry teachers and students.
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Animate offers postcards with cover illustrations.
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*The benefit will end as soon as it runs out. *Please contact each store for inquiries regarding benefits.
【table of contents】
Sorry school character correlation diagram
Super anatomy! Sorry school character introduction
A trail of glory! Sorry history
Sorry teacher assault interview
Big reveal! Sorry school report card
Easy-to-understand video explanation I “Sorry Adventure” series Easy-to-understand video explanation II “Sorry Empire” series Easy-to-understand video explanation III “7days of death” series Decided! 10 Favorite Minecraft Videos Selected by Sorry Teacher Collection of illustrations commemorating the 10th anniversary of celebration activities
Water Challenge Song World
very loud laugh! Sorry lol theater super rare scene
Original Manga I Sorry Bakusho Theater
Original Manga II Sorry School Gaiden Messenger from Another World [Author profile]
water challenge
The number of channel subscribers is 2 million. A live game creator whose main focus is Minecraft. The daily life of an unconventional teacher, Sorry Sensei, and seven unique students is broadcasted in the world of Minecraft. 3rd single “Challenge Changer” is now available. [Book summary]
Book title: Sorry Teacher Special Book – The Strongest Teacher and the Joyful Students –
Author: Water Challenge
List price: 1,485 yen (1,350 yen + tax)
Release date: Monday, April 1, 2024
Format: A5 size
Total number of pages: 96 pages
Publisher: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
KADOKAWA official bibliographic details page
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