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Home » Research report Do you plant it yourself? Leave it to a contractor? Garden tree planting survey of 97 people

Research report Do you plant it yourself? Leave it to a contractor? Garden tree planting survey of 97 people

[Research report] Do you plant it yourself? Leave it to a contractor? Garden tree planting survey of 97 people

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Press release: April 2, 2024
[Research report] Do you plant it yourself? Leave it to a contractor? Garden tree planting survey of 97 people
*~ “Announcement of the results of a questionnaire survey of 97 people” ~* Clover Garden Co., Ltd. (head office: Saitama Prefecture), which specializes in exterior construction, conducted a questionnaire survey targeting people living in single-family homes. This time, the report focuses only on “people who have planted garden trees.”

Background of the investigation
Since exterior construction work also includes work on the garden, we will also plant garden trees. Therefore, we conducted a survey thinking that knowing who plants the trees in the gardens of detached houses would be useful in making proposals to future customers.

Results of a questionnaire survey of 97 people
Graph summarizing the questionnaire survey

Who planted the garden trees?
myself and trader myself and trader
53 people (54.6%) 30 people (30.9%) 14 people (14.4%)

The survey was conducted among 97 single-family homeowners to find out who is in control when it comes to planting trees in their gardens. The results are interesting, *
53 people (54.6%) said they planted it themselves, 30 people (30.9%) said they hired a contractor, and 14 people (14.4%) said both they and the contractor were involved.*

This data shows that many people have a strong desire to be directly involved in their gardens. People who choose to plant their own plants probably want to deepen their connection with nature and feel the joy of growing something with their own hands. This work can also be an opportunity to strengthen bonds with family and friends.

On the other hand, people who choose to hire a contractor may be looking for specialized knowledge and skills. Selection, planting, and maintenance of garden trees often require specific skills and experience, and it is natural to seek such expertise from a
contractor. Also, the idea of ​​saving time and effort may be behind the choice of a contractor.

People who choose to involve both themselves and a contractor may want to share their ideas and aspirations with experts and have them put into practice in order to realize the garden of their dreams. I don’t know. This approach aims for the best results by combining individual creativity and professional skills.

Percentage of people who planted their own plants and those who hired a contractor (97 respondents)
Graph summarizing the questionnaire survey
Planting by yourself Planting by a contractor
67 people (69%) 44 people (45.3%)

According to the survey results, 67 respondents (approximately 69%) said they planted their own garden trees. This shows that many people are actively involved in caring for and planting their gardens.

On the other hand, 44 respondents (approximately 45.3%) said they commissioned a contractor to do the planting. This number shows that many households are recognizing the value of outsourcing work that requires specialized knowledge and skills to outside contractors.

*What is noteworthy about this survey result is that the total percentage of those who planted their own plants and those who outsourced to a contractor is 114.3%*
is. This excess suggests that some respondents have experienced both do-it-yourself and outsource garden planting. In other words, it is difficult to generalize how individuals approach planting garden trees, and it can be said that it differs depending on the situation, personal preference, and even knowledge and experience regarding planting.

This research provides valuable insight into how single-family homeowners engage with their gardens and how likely they are to utilize professional services. This shows that many people are trying to create their ideal garden while balancing the joy and sense of accomplishment of planting their own gardens with the professionalism and peace of mind of hiring a professional.

[Summary] Through this survey
In an independent survey on garden planting in single-family homes, out of 97 respondents, 54.6% planted the trees themselves, 30.9% hired a contractor, and 14.4% both planted the trees themselves and a contractor. It became clear.

This research shows that many people enjoy gardening as a personal hobby or interest, and value the attachment and satisfaction that comes from planting their own plants. On the other hand, about 30% of people choose to hire a professional because they are looking for specialized knowledge and skills, as well as to save time and effort. It turns out that there are ways to get it.

The results of this survey highlight the different approaches people take to planting gardens, and provide insight into the balance between the joy of doing it yourself and using a professional.

Survey details
[Survey period] February 2024
[Survey method] Internet survey using cloud services
[Target] People who have planted garden trees for more than a year [Target age groups] 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s
[Number of collected samples] 97

Survey data is here:

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