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Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd. New release of “Chikawa UV Gel” that protects children’s skin from UV rays

Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
New release of “Chikawa UV Gel” that protects children’s skin from UV rays Skin-friendly sunscreen, weakly acidic and non-coloring. UV protection while protecting children’s delicate skin with moisturizing
Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Representative: Hiroyoshi Muraoka; Headquarters: Fukushima-ku, Osaka City) began providing cosmetics to Bandai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) in 2004, and has been conducting joint development with them for 20 years. To date, we have provided over 400 products to help children learn to take care of themselves, satisfy their curiosity, and encourage their growth. In response to the favorable reception of the Chikawa character rinse-in shampoo “Rinse-in Shampoo Chikawa” (sales name: Naris
Conditioner-in-Shampoo Bandai CK23), which has been on sale since September 2023, the children’s sunscreen gel “Kids” will be released from April 16th. UV Gel Chikawa’ (sales name: Bandai UV Gel CK24) will be sold at drugstores, mass retailers, Toys R Us, etc. (not all stores) nationwide.
*This product is sold by Bandai Co., Ltd.
[Image 1:×2349.jpg] Kids UV gel Chikawa
Girls’ interest in sun protection increases at the age of 12 We asked mothers (1,705 women aged 25 to 44) about their children’s sense of fashion. 12.7% of children said they were interested in sun
protection. Boys account for over 10% of all age groups from 0 to 11 years old. For girls, it exceeds 10% at the age of 6, and increases with age, rising dramatically to 32.2% between the ages of 12 and 15. (Reference data on the back) This is probably due to the fact that elementary school students become middle school students, and this is the age when not only are they conscious of fashion, but their range of activities such as extracurricular activities expands. Chikawa’s characters will appeal to both the generation of parents who apply sunscreen to their children and the generation that wants to choose and purchase sunscreen themselves.
[Image 2:×368.jpg] Weakly acidic SPF50+ PA++++ for delicate children’s skin Children’s skin in the summer has more exposed areas such as arms and legs, so it can be said that they are more exposed to UV rays than adults. It is also delicate and prone to drying and sweating, so it is important to take good care of it. The new product “Kids UV Gel Chikawa” is designed with children’s skin in mind. Contains mildly acidic and moisturizing ingredients. Although it is sweat resistant, it can be removed with soap or body wash. Sunburn in children can lead to fatigue all over the body, so by having children enjoy and use sunscreen in a comfortable and positive manner, we hope to provide them with a fun summer time where they can stay healthy under the sun. [New product overview]
[Image 3:×2118.jpg] Kids UV gel Chikawa
A UV gel that protects children’s delicate skin from UV rays. UV protection with “Chiikawa”.
Product name: Kids UV gel Chikawa (sunscreen gel)
(Sales name: Bandai UV gel CK24)
Contents: 50g
Price: 880 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Bandai Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor: Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Customer inquiries: Bandai Customer Support
(C)nagano / chiikawa committee
★Kids UV gel that is mildly acidic and non-staining, and can be used on both the face and body.
SPF50+ PA++++
☆Floral soap scent
・Contains marine collagen/water-soluble collagen, super hyaluronic acid/sodium acetyl hyaluronate (moisturizing ingredient).
・Contains pear juice extract/lactobacillus and pear juice fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient). Moisturizes children’s skin, which is prone to dryness, while protecting it from strong UV rays. -Can be used on children’s skin that sweats easily and can be removed with body soap.
・With a smooth and comfortable texture, children can easily apply it to large areas of skin such as arms and legs.
– Handy size tube container perfect for playing outside and leisure. -Japan-

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