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Home » Solana Resort Co., Ltd. Tiramisu for dogs Inu Tira is born! Developed jointly with Yoyogi’s popular tiramisu specialty store, which had a two-month wait time.

Solana Resort Co., Ltd. Tiramisu for dogs Inu Tira is born! Developed jointly with Yoyogi’s popular tiramisu specialty store, which had a two-month wait time.

Solana Resort Co., Ltd.
Tiramisu for dogs [Dog Tira] is born! Developed jointly with a popular tiramisu specialty store in Yoyogi that had a two-month wait time. ~Dog sweets that allow people and their dogs to enjoy a luxurious and extraordinary experience together~
Solana Resort Co., Ltd. (location: 2nd floor, 3-3-14 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Aya Satake), which handles everything from manufacturing to sales and operation of trailer homes, has
collaborated with the popular tiramisu specialty store “BENE REGALO” to create sweets. jointly developed.
[Image 1:×1044.jpg] ■Development intention: We want to offer a way for people and their dogs to enjoy luxury together and experience a different daily life. “Food” is one of the pleasures of traveling. I think many people forget about their daily lives and enjoy a luxurious meal. However, your dog’s diet tends to be the same as usual. So, if your dog can enjoy a different meal than usual, your trip will be more enjoyable and filled with wonderful memories. That’s why we developed it. I would be happy if the tiramisu we make together could be a small opportunity to enjoy your trip.
Popular tiramisu specialty store in Yoyogi/Akiruno City: BENE REGALO
[Image 2:×852.png ]
It will be a tiramisu specialty store that will open in Akiruno City, Tokyo in the spring of 2022, with a two-month wait for reservations. The tiramisu, which takes three days to complete, has become so popular that there are long lines of people, and it will open in Yoyogi in April 2023. The owner himself has tasted and compared over 600 types of tiramisu, and the concept behind the authentic tiramisu you won’t find anywhere else is “a confectionery for those who work hard”, “a pampering destination to take a breather”, and “a tiramisu by tiramisu lovers, for tiramisu lovers”. We have created the best tiramisu that anyone can enjoy a rich time with.
Comment from BENE REGALO owner Jun Ishimoda
[Image 3:×520.jpg] While I was trying to figure out how to make delicious tiramisu, eating tiramisu from all over the country and around the world, and pursuing the best tiramisu every day, the idea of ​​“tiramisu for dogs” that came up when I was having a frank conversation with Solana Resort caught my attention. It was a shock like being struck by lightning.
Up until now, I have unconsciously focused my products on people, but now I am taking on the challenge of making tiramisu for pets such as dogs and cats. I remember being very excited.
It’s my first time creating a product that is beyond the reach of people, so I’m having a hard time, but I’m going to create the best tiramisu for dogs, and provide an experience where owners and their dogs can eat the same thing.
Sales/handling schedule
~Solana Resort~
Presented for a limited time at Solana Karuizawa Villa and Solana Chiba Shirahama Hotel.
Click here to make a reservation: ~BENE REGALO~
Scheduled to be sold at Yoyogi store/Akikawa store/website (Purchasers will receive Solana accommodation coupons)
*Please note that this information is subject to change.
Development process of about half a year
[Image 4:×720.png ]
We spent about six months jointly developing tiramisu for dogs. We held numerous trial production sessions and aimed to create a tiramisu that was “easy to eat and looked stylish!” and that was delicious to eat. In addition to checking the reactions of our in-house staff’s pet dogs, we also received advice from pet food experts and manufactured the product using only safe and secure ingredients.

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