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Home » Turing Japan Co., Ltd. Started demonstration experiment with ANA Systems to utilize blockchain electronic cert ificate SaaS “Turing Certs” that realizes a career passport for human resource management

Turing Japan Co., Ltd. Started demonstration experiment with ANA Systems to utilize blockchain electronic cert ificate SaaS “Turing Certs” that realizes a career passport for human resource management

Turing Japan Co., Ltd.
ANA Systems and Start of Demonstration Experiment Utilizing Turing Certs, a Blockchain Digital Certificate SaaS that Realizes a Career Passport for Human Resource Management
Examples of how to use Turing Certs – Career passport to realize human resource management –
Digital innovation initiatives aimed at realizing high-quality human resources management that protects lives

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In recent years, the evolution of digital technology in the aviation industry has led to innovative ways of conducting business. Among these, significant progress has been made in the use of blockchain technology in the field of human resources management, which is being undertaken by ANA Systems Co., Ltd., a member of the ANA Group, which represents the Japanese airline industry. This article focuses on Turing Certs’ efforts to manage human resources in the airline industry using blockchain digital certificates, and explores its significance and prospects.
Background to the implementation of blockchain technology in human resource management:
Traditionally, human resource management has involved many complex processes, and improvements in efficiency and reliability have been required. In addition, when transferring within the company or within a group company, it is difficult for staff and partners with whom we have concluded various types of contracts to completely prove the in-house achievements, in-house training, and in-house certification exam records that they have accumulated. This was also an issue that we had difficulty prioritizing when it came to spending money and manpower. Therefore, we started a PoC to demonstrate that Turing Certs, an electronic certificate platform that utilizes blockchain technology provided by ANA Systems and our company, is an innovative means to solve traditional human resource management problems. Expected effects on human resource management of implementing Turing Certs: 1. By introducing Turing Certs, instead of traditional paper-based certificates, certifications, licenses, etc., it will be possible to replace the traditional paper-based certificates, certifications, licenses, etc. with employees who belong to various contract types, mechanics, pilots, cabin attendants, ground staff, etc. in the airline industry. It is expected that all the history of in-house training and achievements of expert staff will be centrally managed while ensuring safety and reliability. It is expected that this will not only be useful for personnel evaluations, but also that it will be easier and faster to recruit and assign appropriate personnel to address labor shortages in each area.
2. The introduction of Turing Certs is expected to improve efficiency and reduce costs compared to traditional human resource management processes. For example, by reducing the effort required to issue, renew, and authenticate certificates, it is possible to save human resources and time.
3. Turing Certs, which combines blockchain technology and encryption technology, fully applies GDPR compliance, and provides services through safe security operations that have acquired international certifications such as ISO27001 and ISO27701, not only protects privacy but also prevents data tampering. By ensuring high security and transparency to prevent unauthorized access, it is expected that this will not only strengthen the security of the company as a whole, but also strengthen relationships of trust among related parties.
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Outlook after PoC with ANA Systems Co., Ltd.:
ANA Systems Co., Ltd.’s initiative to utilize Turing Certs for human resource management has great significance as part of digital innovation. While improving efficiency, reliability, and security, it will also lead to innovation in business processes that will strengthen competitiveness by creating a career passport for all employees. It also has the potential to address various issues in human resource management. Our major goal is to strive to further improve services and realize digital innovation by pursuing the possibilities and challenges of using Turing Certs not only in human resource management, but also in all fields other than human resource management, such as decarbonization and logistics. Masu.
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