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First landing in Nagoya New matcha x ️ cheese product released in limited quantity of 50 pieces per day

room Co., Ltd.
[First landing in Nagoya] New matcha x cheese product released in limited quantity of 50 pieces per day
We will be selling the new product “Semi-boiled Matcha”, the signature product “Matcha Latte Float”, and the seasonal standard product “Eighty-eight Shake”.
Room Co., Ltd. (, Headquarters: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, President and CEO: Junhiro Maruyama) will be exhibiting at the 24th Great Kyoto Exhibition, which will be held at JR Nagoya Takashimaya (Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City) for a limited time from May 7th (Tuesday) to May 13th (Monday), 2024. We will open a store at “. Matcha and cheese are half-cooked
[Image 1:×1244.jpg] Soft-boiled matcha: 2,160 yen (tax included)
We will be selling the new product “Soft-boiled Matcha” in advance at JR Nagoya Takashimaya.
The tea leaves used are carefully blended to bring out the natural flavor and rich aroma of matcha.
Soft-boiled Matcha, which pursues the balance of matcha and cream cheese so that you can feel the rich taste of matcha, is baked at high temperature and in a short time to lock in the original flavor and aroma of matcha and remain soft and half-boiled. Ta.
Please enjoy this masterpiece, which has a texture that melts in your mouth the moment you put it in your mouth, and allows you to enjoy the original taste of matcha.
*This is a take-out only product.
*“Soft-boiled Matcha” is sold in a limited quantity of 50 pieces per day. One cup at a time in front of everyone
[Image 2:×1638.jpg] Right) Matcha latte float: 1,051 yen (tax included)
Left) Eighty-eight Shake: 1,251 yen (tax included)
Our signature product, “Matcha Latte Float,” which is a “Matcha Latte,” which is prepared by boiling a cup of matcha with a chasen for each order, and topped with homemade ice cream, as well as elegant, rich matcha and rich sweetness. We will be selling the seasonal standard product “Hachijuhachi Shake,” which you can enjoy with the outstanding compatibility of Hateruma brown sugar.
[Image 3:×1017.jpg] Matcha latte float + additional cookie: 1,322 yen (tax included) In addition, drinks can be arranged by adding cookies, etc.
By dipping cookies into matcha ice cream, you can enjoy the taste of matcha even more luxuriously.
Please enjoy your favorite arrangement.
High quality matcha sweets
[Image 4:×1542.jpg] Eighty-eight Pudding (left): 651 yen (tax included) *Take-out price Eighty-eight Financier (top right): 601 yen (tax included)
“Yasuhachi Pudding” has been popular since Yasuhachi Rabasha opened. A dish with a harmonious balance between the light sweetness of milk pudding and the richness of homemade matcha bean paste. You can enjoy the original flavor and bitterness of matcha.
“88 Financier” uses “Roasted Matcha from Joyo” and “Ryukyu Wasanbon” from Okinawa Prefecture. The elegant sweetness of “Ryukyu Wasanbon” brings out the sweet and fragrant aroma of “Roasted Matcha from Joyo”, resulting in a strong aftertaste of roasted Matcha.
[Image 5:×1463.jpg] Left) Half-baked matcha: 701 yen (tax included)
Previous) Extra strong matcha terrine: 3,780 yen (tax included) A satisfying “half-baked matcha” that takes advantage of the flavor and sweetness of matcha. When I tried to make matcha fondant chocolate, I ended up with something that brought out the flavor of matcha even more than fondant chocolate, and from there, “half-baked matcha” was born.
“Tokuno Matcha Terrine” is a new experience of matcha terrine that will make you feel as if you are eating matcha as it is. By using high-quality matcha, even if you add a lot of matcha, the bitterness and astringency will be suppressed, allowing you to enjoy the original taste and aroma of matcha.
Menu overview
Matcha latte 1 701 yen (tax included)
Matcha latte float 1 1,051 yen (tax included)
Eighty-eight Shake 1,251 yen (tax included)
Eighty-eight Pudding 663 yen (tax included) *In-store food and drink price Additional menu
Additional cookies 271 yen (tax included) *In-store dining price Additional Financier 601 yen (tax included) *In-store food and drink price Take-out menu
Soft-boiled matcha 2,160 yen (tax included) *New menu
Eighty-eight Pudding 651 yen (tax included)
Half-baked matcha 701 yen (tax included)
Half-roasted roasted tea 701 yen (tax included)
Extra strong matcha terrine 3,780 yen (tax included)
Eighty-Eight Financier 601 yen (tax included)
Eighty-eight cookies (2 pieces) 540 yen (tax included)
Eighty-eight cookies (8 pieces) 2,251 yen (tax included)
Event overview
[Event name]
75th anniversary of the founding of the Kyoto Product Exhibition Association 24th Great Kyoto Exhibition
[Event period]
May 7th (Tuesday) – May 13th (Monday), 2024
JR Nagoya Takashimaya 10th floor event venue
【business hours】
10:00-20:00 (ends at 17:00 on the last day)
What is Hachihachirahasha?
[Image 6:×839.jpg] A Japanese tea stand that sells carefully selected high-quality Uji tea. In 2019, former barista Junhiro Maruyama’s encounter with a cup of tea led to the creation of Yasohachi Ryosha in Arashiyama, Kyoto in 2019. The owner, Maruyama, travels to the production area every year to harvest the fruit.
As an anchor that connects the baton of tea passed down from producers, we will continue to pursue proposals that are one step ahead in enjoying Uji tea.
room Co., Ltd.
[Image 7:×846.png ]
In 2019, we started the Japanese tea stand “Yasohachi Rabasha” next to Kurumaori Shrine in Arashiyama, Kyoto, and we hope to convince more people that not only tea but also various wonderful Japanese ingredients are delicious. We established room Co., Ltd. in 2022 to provide our customers with the best possible service. In 2023, we will open specialty sugar shop “Totaro”. We are particular about using domestic ingredients that impress us, and pursue a style that allows you to enjoy the deliciousness with all five senses.
Company Profile
Yasohachirahasha Address: 22-66 Saga Asahi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 616-8343 Phone number: 075-881-1881
Official Instagram:
Eighty-eight Asakusa
Address: 2-14-3 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033 Phone number: 03-5830-6824 Official Instagram:
Eighty-eight Kamakura
Address: 11-37 Onaricho, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0012 Phone number: 046-753-7335
Official Instagram: Company name: room Co., Ltd.
Address: 35-92 Saga Asahicho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8343 Contact:
Phone number: 075-275-1948
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