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Nico Nico Chokaigi 2024 Event Report ~#Compass Spring Festival~

Dwango Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department
[Nico Nico Chokaigi 2024 Event Report] ~#Compass Spring Festival~ We will be holding a variety of events such as the dance stage, “#Compass STAR Battle” spring representative deciding match, cosplay show, DJ stage, and more!
Dwango Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) will hold a subculture festival “Niconico Super” for a total of 7 days from April 22nd (Monday) to April 28th (Sunday), 2024. Conference 2024” was held.
In this report, we will deliver the details of the “#Compass Spring Festival” held at Makuhari Messe on April 27th (Saturday) and 28th (Sunday).
[Image 1:×974.jpg] -Event report-
“#Compass Spring Festival” was held as a special stage of the super conference of the battle app game “#Compass Combat Providence Analysis System” (hereinafter referred to as #Compass). This year, a variety of contents will be held at the special venue, including gorgeous performances by dancers, a cosplay show by official cosplayers, the official competition “#Compass STAR Battle”, and DJ play
“Vocani#Compass” featuring only “#Compass” songs. , was also broadcast live.
In addition, at the venue, there will be a merchandise corner selling “#Compass” limited goods, a competition exchange between dancers and official cosplayers and users, a photo session for official
cosplayers, and creators related to “#Compass” selling products and exhibiting. We have also opened a corner where you can do this. “#Compass Dance Stage” by dancers
[Image 2:×847.jpg] On the “#Compass Dance Stage”, dancers who are active in Nico Nico Douga and other programs will gather and perform to songs familiar from “#Compass”. The two-day event included Ilipon (Snake Mystery), ××× project (Ry☆, Metru, Ariku, Professor, Etou, Chissai no.), Porushi, Miume, Penta Ashita, Aspara, Anatasia, Alice Aria, Kamen Liar 217, Kozo, and Manako appeared.
“#Compass STAR Battle” spring representative deciding match for the right to participate in “Grand Slam”
[Image 3:×974.jpg] On DAY1, the spring representative deciding match for the official tournament “#Compass STAR Battle”, which will be unified from 2024, was held offline. Representative teams from each season from January to March will appear on stage and engage in battle. With the victory, the team of Warriors, Yoppy, and Yamusu representing the January season tournament has earned the right to participate in the Grand Slam.
Stage show by cosplayers “Vocani#COMPASS × COSPLAY SHOW”
[Image 4:×847.jpg ]
“Vocani#COMPASS × COSPLAY SHOW” is a cosplay show held by #Compass official cosplayers to the DJ performance of Vocaloid P picco. The cosplayers who appeared were Taro Yoshiro, Goliath, Remi, Rumi Amane, Kuroneko, Miya, Momiji Yamatoya, and Bikki. , Mokotan, Suzuno, Yuzuki, Isshiki Kagetsu, Billy. Cosplayers dressed as #Compass heroes performed to the theme song, and fans had a great time taking photos, cheering on their favorite heroes, and cheering.
“#Compass” song DJ stage “Vocani#Compass”
[Image 5:×847.jpg] The DJ stage “Vocani#Compass” featuring “#Compass” songs, which is a big hit at the “#Compass” anniversary event every year, was held at Niconico Chokaigi this year as well. Hachioji P, who appeared on DAY1, attracted the audience with his song selection, “Among the #compass songs, it focuses on dance music and has a musical context.” YASUHIRO (Yasuhiro), who appeared on DAY2, performed his very popular song “Absolute” and other songs, and the audience joined together by singing in chorus and waving psylliums.
“#Compass Super Enjoy Stage” where you can enjoy cosplay
[Image 6:×974.jpg] “#Compass Enjoy Club Collaboration Stage” was held as a collaboration project with #Compass’s official variety show “#Compass Enjoy Club”. On DAY1, cosplayers participating in the event wore carefully selected cosplay costumes on stage and expressed their characters. On DAY2, the winners and final candidates of “Enjoy Club Award 2023” performed. The annual heated battle “#Compass Super Battle”
[Image 7:×974.jpg] “#Compass Super Battle” that took place on DAY2. The battle was divided into two MCs, the “Cotton Army” and the “Maruko Army,” and the participants played in teams made up of dancers, famous players, and visitors, and a heated battle ensued.
To the ending of “#Compass News” full of surprises
[Image 8:×1800.png ]
In the “#Compass News” corner, which disseminates various new information, you can find game update information, collaboration with “Tanya Senki”, 4th WEGO collaboration, “#Compass Werewolf Real Event”, “#Compass Summer Festival in Aichi” ” An announcement regarding the holding of “#Compass Autumn Festival in Kyoto” was made.
Regarding the information on the new anime “#Compass 2.0”, we released the key visual for the first time and announced the gorgeous cast. The director is Hitoshi Namba, known for works such as “Golden Kamuy” and “Fate/Grand Order -First Order-”, and animation production is by Lay-duce. A video message from Daisuke Ono, the voice actor for the role of 13, was also released.
“#Compass Spring Festival” was a lively two-day event with more than 250,000 comments posted during the DAY1 and DAY2 broadcasts. At the end, the event ended with the chants of “3, 2, 1, #Compass!!” while “Dance Robot Dance”, which can be said to be the theme song of “#Compass”, was played.
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“Nico Nico Super Conference 2024” event overview
Nico Nico Super Conference 2024
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      ┗Net: April 22nd (Monday) to 28th (Sunday)
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