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ELSOUL LABO B.V. Open source project “Skeet” promoted to mainnet validator of Solana blockchain

Open source project “Skeet” promoted to mainnet validator of Solana blockchain Operating Solana blockchain validator for sustainable open source project ……
ELSOUL LABO B.V. (Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Representative Director and CEO: Fumitake Kawasaki) and Epics DAO, which operates the Web3 NFT card game that supports open source software development founded by the company, are We promote innovation and sustainable development of blockchain technology through the development and operation of the open source data tool “solv”. After nearly a year of testnet operation, the tool has proven its performance and
reliability, and is now being used by many users on the Solana blockchain mainnet and testnet.
Also a year ago, the development team at Skeet, an open source project launched by El Soul Labs, also leveraged solv to launch the Solana validator on the testnet.
We have successfully passed the Solana Foundation’s onboarding process, meeting strict screening and high performance standards to maintain server operation for approximately one year.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Open source software is used by over 97% of businesses worldwide, but its development is primarily done on a volunteer basis. As a result, important tasks such as debugging tend to be delayed, and as a result, about half of the world’s software has vulnerabilities.
Today, essential open source projects around the world must operate sustainably. The Skeet development team aims to solve this problem and increase the sustainability of open source development by applying their software development expertise to validator operations and using fees to cover necessary costs. It is hoped that by utilizing this model, other open source projects will also be able to achieve sustainable development. About Skeet’s Solana Mainnet Validator Promotion
[Image 2: &s3=105962-115-068227B8E8922222222222222222304CF 3e877-1920×1080.jpg] Before starting operations as a Solana mainnet validator, Skeet passed the Solana Foundation’s rigorous review process after operating on the testnet for about a year and was promoted to a Solana mainnet validator.
The Vote Account to be staked is
“SKTBkag6kjXVTTJb2nWbuK3mZQXnMrrbMPxYU7uhbL7”, and those who have a staking function to Solana validators such as Phantom wallet can search for “Skeet” and use our validator as “Skeet Framework”. You can choose. Currently, we are offering staking rewards with an APR (annual interest rate) of 7.05%.
Your support will enable Skeet to drive further innovation within the open source development and Solana ecosystem, contributing to the community and society at large. We hope you will join us in our vision and growth through staking.
El Soul Lab and Epics DAO are jointly researching and developing the open source software “solv” to easily launch and operate the Solana validator, and the Skeet development team is also using this software. solv:
This time, Skeet has officially started operating as a Solana mainnet validator, bringing the total number of Solana validators operated by El Soul Lab to three. By leveraging this experience, we will actively address issues and areas for improvement in general validator operations, and evolve “solv” into a more convenient tool. We would be honored if we could continue to actively work on the development of blockchain technology and open source software and contribute to the development of the entire community.
Thank you for your continued support.
About El Soul Lab and Epics DAO
The core teams of El Soul Lab and Epics DAO are also actively involved in the development of open source software.
We have developed two open source software, “solv” and “Skeet,” and operate these open source projects.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] “solv” is an open source tool that simplifies the setup and operation of Solana validators and RPC nodes.
Generally, in order to receive compensation as a blockchain validator, you need to prepare machine resources with appropriate specifications, install and complete the setup of validator software according to the documentation, and perform update work several times a week. there is. This series of tasks requires all validators to perform the same tasks, and requires specialized knowledge as a server administrator, creating a high barrier to entry even for users who want to receive incentives. .
With solv, you can easily launch the Solana validator by copying and pasting just three commands. Taking advantage of the characteristics of open source development, updates can be done by just one person in the world, and all that is left to do is download them. solv users can complete even daily update tasks with a single command.
solv official documentation:
[Image 4: &s3=105962-115-AB447455CD5CD5809D3F1222893A c7e2b-3288×1850.jpg] “Skeet” is an open source serverless app development tool using TypeScript that eliminates infrastructure design and management, speeds application development, flexibility to quickly develop only the necessary functions, rich AI support, and It provides a modern application framework, including support for developing dApps and Web3 apps.
Skeet official documentation:
The research paper “Skeet: Towards a Lightweight Serverless Framework Supporting Modern AI-Driven App Development” by El Soul Lab’s Skeet development team was presented at the International Software Engineering Conference held in Angers, France on April 28th and 29th, 2024. Announced at ENASE 2024. Dr. James took the stage as a representative, and his presentation received high praise from many participants.
ENASE 2024:
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] This research proposes a lightweight serverless framework to support modern AI-driven application development and will be published in a conference proceedings. It will also be indexed by several major academic literature search services, including Google Scholar and Scopus, making it available to the broader research community.
[Image 6:×1286.jpg] In order to promote various innovations, we will continue to actively engage in the development of open source software and support the entire development environment of open source projects.
■ Company profile
– Company name: ELSOUL LABO B.V.
– Representative Directors: Fumitake Kawasaki, Shota Kishi
– Business content: Software research and development (AI, cloud, blockchain) – Established: September 2020
– Address: Weteringschans 165, 1017XD Amsterdam, Netherlands – Certification: WBSO (Advanced Research and Development) from the Dutch government, Google Cloud Build Partner, International Academic Conference ENASE2024 Research Paper Accepted
– Company URL:
– Official Discord:
– Press kit:
■ DAO overview
– DAO name: Epics DAO
– Founders: Fumitake Kawasaki, Shota Kishi
– Business content: Research, development and operation of social contribution blockchain games
– Established: June 2022
– Award: Solana Summer Camp Hackathon 2022 5th place
– Twitter URL:
– Official Discord:
[Image 7: &s3=105962-115-221FAC222222222222222222CD45428526A0
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