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Home » IdeaScale Japan, which provides innovation management tools and international innovation methodologies, forms a business partnership with Relic, a business co-creation company.

IdeaScale Japan, which provides innovation management tools and international innovation methodologies, forms a business partnership with Relic, a business co-creation company.

IdeaScale Japan, which provides innovation management tools and international innovation methodologies, forms a business partnership with Relic, a business co-creation company.

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Press release: May 8, 2024
IdeaScale Japan, which provides innovation management tools and international innovation methodologies, forms a business partnership with Relic, a business co-creation company.
*We provide comprehensive support from idea creation to launch, growth, and expansion based on innovation creation management methods such as ISO56002*

“IdeaScale” is an innovation management tool born from the innovation policy during the US President Obama’s tenure, and Global is the world’s largest innovation research institute.
IdeaScale provides Japanese companies with the methodology of the Innovation Management Institute (GIMI)
Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Isuru Subasinghe, hereinafter referred to as “IdeaScale
Relic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Kitajima
We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a business partnership agreement with Takaro (hereinafter referred to as “Relic”), effective May 8, 2024.
Through this partnership, IdeaScale
Japan provides “international standard methodologies,” “international standard innovation human resources development programs,” and “international standard innovation management tools,” and Relic’s organizational capabilities and diverse By combining execution and exit strategies, we provide consistent support from the initial phase of new business creation to idea creation, execution, growth, and expansion phases.

Background: * Challenges of new business development, organizational management, and the required “innovation management” *

In recent years, the Japanese economy has seen a decline in the working population and limited human resources within organizations, making it difficult for Japanese companies to create innovation on their own, even by a global standard. Against this background, efforts to develop new businesses through co-creation with outside parties, invest in startups and venture companies, and create new value through open innovation are increasing, and this is a methodology that will lead to success. ISO
56002 (International Organization for Standardization) is attracting attention. Organizations such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry have been making recommendations to Japanese companies since around 2015. However, the reality is that Japanese companies are hampered by various issues and are lagging behind in new business development and innovation efforts.

In the 2022 survey “Survey on organizational and human resources factors in companies’ new business development” conducted by Persol Research Institute Co., Ltd., the issues in organizational management that new business development staff feel are: Nearly 40% of
respondents said “Secure human resources to take on the role” (38.9%) and “Lack of knowledge/know-how” (38.6%). This was followed by “slow decision-making” (30.7%), “incompatibility of evaluation system” (30.5%), and “unstructured business processes” (27.6%), indicating a strong sense of management issues. . From these responses, it is clear that although initiatives for new businesses are increasing, issues remain in the creation of mechanisms and organizational structures for the initiatives themselves.

Reason for partnership
  Relic Co., Ltd.
is a business co-creation company with industry-leading experience and track record as an accelerator for over 20,000 new business
developments for 4,000 companies. The “Incubation Tech Business” provides a SaaS platform specializing in new business development that is unique in the world.
“Business production/new business development support business” that comprehensively and all-in-one supports new business and innovation creation,
We are integrally developing three pillars of business: the “Open Innovation Business,” which co-creates innovation through investments in startup companies and joint ventures/JVs with large companies.

IdeaScale Japan
is a professional IT services company focused on innovation. IdeaScale is an innovation management platform used by over 4.5 million people worldwide.

”, we have successfully led the development of many new businesses and have a rich track record and experience in developing products and services with new value, and maintaining and improving that value. In addition, Global
Innovation Management
As the only domestic partner of GIMI, we support the training of human resources, organizational development, and systematic structure building that can realize innovation in Japanese organizations facing challenges, by making full use of world-standard innovation
methodologies. Masu. We also offer international qualification exams that certify human qualities related to innovation.
IdeaScale Japan
aims to create a system in which Japanese companies can develop new businesses and generate innovation on their own, and to realize a society where innovation is commonplace.

In this partnership, IdeaScale Japan
Combining organizational capabilities that can handle all phases/areas with diverse execution/exit strategies, we provide support for Japanese companies of various industries, business formats, and sizes, from the launch of new businesses to the creation, execution, growth, and development of ideas. While providing consistent support until expansion, it is also possible to pass on knowledge and intellectual property at each growth stage.
Partnership details
– New business development support that combines the services of both companies – New business development, training of innovative human resources, and support for organizational development
– Joint development/deployment of solutions and services that support new business development
– Holding seminars and study sessions on new business development and innovation that combine the knowledge of both companies
Introduction of each company
* ■Relic Co., Ltd. Company Profile*
Company name: Relic Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takao Kitajima, Representative Director and CEO Head office location: 19F Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 2015
Business content: Incubation tech business, business production/new business development support business, open innovation business Corporate site:
Business details:

* ■ IdeaScale Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile *
Company name: IdeaScale Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Isulu Subasinghe
Head office location: Futaba Building 8B, 1-16-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: June 2020
Business content: Sales and support of innovation management tool “IdeaScale” / Global Innovation Management
Provision of International Certification Examinations and Educational Programs by the Institute (GIMI) / Support for the implementation and operation of innovation management systems modeled on the
international standard ISO56002 and GIMI methodology.
Corporate site:

* ■About Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI)*
Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) is the world’s largest innovation We research management standards and methodologies, are involved in the international standard ISO 56002, and certify international qualifications for innovation organizations and individuals. [Contact information for inquiries regarding this matter from the press] IdeaScale Japan Co., Ltd. Marketing: Otsuka
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