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Home » Sports nutrition brand “DNS” x “Nandora” Win “EAA PRO”, an innovative EAA (essential amino acid) p roduct that does not require a shaker! We are holding a project to predict the outcome of professional baseball!

Sports nutrition brand “DNS” x “Nandora” Win “EAA PRO”, an innovative EAA (essential amino acid) p roduct that does not require a shaker! We are holding a project to predict the outcome of professional baseball!

[Sports nutrition brand “DNS” x “Nandora”] Win the innovative EAA (essential amino acid) product “EAA PRO” that does not require a shaker
! We are holding a project to predict the outcome of professional baseball!
*View in browser* *Nandemo Draft Co., Ltd.*
Press release: May 10, 2024
[Sports nutrition brand “DNS” x “Nandora”] Win the innovative EAA (essential amino acid) product “EAA PRO” that does not require a shaker
! We are holding a project to predict the outcome of professional baseball! Nandemo Draft Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Hiroyoshi Morii), which operates the app “Nandora” that creates new sports entertainment through the power of innovation and provides unseen excitement and excitement, Co., Ltd., which develops the sports nutrition brand DNS.
We will be holding a professional baseball win/loss prediction project sponsored by DNS.
Click here to download “Nandora”! Predict the outcome of professional baseball games from May 17th (Friday) to May 19th (Sunday)!
DNS EAA (essential amino acids) products for those who rank 1st to 10th every day
Get “EAA PRO” as a gift!
Those who predict the outcome of official professional baseball games to be held during the target period and answer quizzes and surveys related to DNS, and rank 1st to 10th in the daily predicted results, will receive a revolutionary product that has acquired a U.S. patent. “EAA” is an innovative EAA product that does not require a shaker and uses EAA (essential amino acid) material EAAlpha as a raw material.
PRO” will be presented to you.
[Forecast target]
Held from May 17th (Friday) to May 19th (Sunday)
Professional baseball first team official games (6 games x 3 days) 【gift】
Those who rank 1st to 10th each day will receive “EAA PRO 14 packets” (5g/pack) as a gift.
(Random lemon flavor or citrus flavor)
Provided by: DNS Co., Ltd.
[Estimated deadline]
Match held on Friday, May 17: Until 18:00 on the day
Match held on Saturday, May 18: Until 14:00 on the day
Match held on Sunday, May 19th: Until 13:00 on the day
【way to participate】
・Download the “Nandora” app and create an account (DL/account creation free) *With the guest login function, you can participate even before creating an account!
・From the ranked draft list, select “Professional Baseball 2024 Win/Loss Prediction supported by DNS”
Click (also available from the TOP banner)
・Answer all predictions and DNS quizzes/surveys and click “Participate in the draft” (participation fee is free)
・After all results are confirmed, push notification will be sent from the app to announce the results.
Click here to download “Nandora” Only 3.6g, equivalent to 15g of common EAA products! “EAA PRO” product features * 1. Adopts patented essential amino acid blend “EAAlpha” *
EAAPRO is the only EAA product in Japan that consists of the amino acid blend “EAAlpha”, which has been patented in the United States in the combination ratio of nine essential amino acids necessary for body building and arginine.

It has been found that ingesting 3.6g of the amino acids used in EAAlpha has the same anabolic effect as 15g of common EAA products.

* 2. Small amount and low energy *
EAAPRO has a low energy content, less than 20kcal per packet, and is recommended for women who are concerned about consuming too much excess fat and carbohydrates, as well as athletes who want to slim down their bodies.

* 3.Individually wrapped granule type! No need for a shaker, you can easily take it at the gym, office, or on the go *
Since it is an amino acid that does not require digestion, it is absorbed faster than protein and reaches the muscles. In addition, since it is a compact, individually wrapped granule type, unlike general powder type EAA products, it can be used at any time and place. You can easily take it at the gym, at the office, or on the go. Furthermore, there is no need for a shaker, which reduces the burden of washing dishes.

* 4. Obtained certification from the anti-doping certification program “Informed Choice” *
It has been certified by Informed Choice, an international anti-doping certification program, so athletes can use it with confidence.

* 5.Reliable domestic manufacturing *
DNS products comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and FSSC (Food Safety System) standards.
Manufactured at a domestic food manufacturing factory that complies with high quality control standards for safety and hygiene, such as Certification.

* U.S. patented next-generation EAA “EAAlpha” *
EAAlpha is a US patented amino acid blend that contains a special ratio of 9 essential amino acids and arginine that your body needs. As many as 26 reports have been published in human trials spanning over 20 years, such as just 3.6g showing the same effect as 15g of general EAA on muscle protein synthesis. DNS acquired a patent usage license in April 2022.

* 【Product Summary】*
Product name: EAA PRO
Capacity: 14 bags/30 bags
Suggested retail price: 2,980 yen/5,990 yen (tax included)
Flavor: Lemon flavor, soda flavor, citrus flavor
Sales location: DNS official online shop ( DNS Official Rakuten Market Store/Amazon DNS Official Store
        On sale at sports retailers and other stores nationwide Product site URL:

* DNS Co., Ltd. *
Brand site:
DNS is a sports nutrition brand that has been supported by top athletes since its establishment in 2000. We deliver the best performance with the world’s most advanced sports nutrition and product design based on scientific evidence. We have thoroughly developed our products from the user’s perspective, focusing on making them delicious and easy to drink. GMP (Good
Manufacturing Practice) and FSSC (Food Safety System)
Certification) and is manufactured in a domestic factory that has high quality control standards regarding safety and hygiene. In addition, all products sold under the DNS brand have obtained global standard anti-doping certification (Informed Choice/Informed Sports).

About the sports prediction app “Nandora”
Download page:
“Nandora” is a service that uses an application to predict the outcome of matches and the performance of specific players.
You can earn points according to your predicted results, and users who top the weekly rankings will receive various gifts, providing new value and enthusiasm for watching sports through ranking competitions with users all over the country.
Since the start of our service, we have worked with TMI General Law Offices to manage our business in strict compliance with laws and regulations. Currently, we are providing the service in a completely free model so that children can enjoy it with peace of mind. His style and “interesting predictions” have been praised, and in one and a half years, he has collaborated with more than 100 organizations and companies, including professional and amateur sports teams, competition organizations, and the Japan Sports Agency.In addition, he has collaborated with various investors and companies. We receive capital participation from companies.
In 2022, the accelerator program “INNOVATION LEAGUE” sponsored by the Japan Sports Agency will be launched.
In 2023, it will be selected as Japan Open Innovation Fes, one of the largest open innovation trade fairs in Japan.
We also won the grand prize at the 2023 Startup Pitch Event. * 1st place is a round trip ticket to Hawaii! Luxury prizes up to 100th place + 1st place! *
* A special project “Monthly Prediction King” where users compete in monthly rankings is being held! *

Predictions and quizzes from a variety of genres appear every day, including professional baseball, the J League, TV ratings, and culture. Participate in predictions and quizzes that can be completed in 1 minute, and rank the total number of points awarded according to your ranking every month.

In addition to the winning prize, a round-trip ticket to Hawaii, the top 100 + finishers will receive popular home appliances, professional baseball autograph goods, J League game tickets, Amazon gift certificates worth 10,000 yen, and more! On days with a 7, there is also a chance to increase your points!

Click here for details!
Nandemo Draft Co., Ltd.
A startup company working on innovation in sports and entertainment. In addition to providing the smartphone app “Nandora” that improves the viewing and watching experience, we provide total support for sports and entertainment that goes beyond fan engagement.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Nandemo Draft Co., Ltd.
Corporate site:
Established: 2019
Representative: Representative Director Hiroyuki Morii
Address: 1-33-6 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Development and provision of mobile applications aimed at improving the viewing and viewing experience in sports and entertainment
For requests for interviews with Nandora Draft, inquiries regarding service content, consultations and inquiries regarding investments and partnerships, please contact
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