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Home » Minamichita area’s first all-inclusive hot spring inn “Sumie Chita” Service starts in May!

Minamichita area’s first all-inclusive hot spring inn “Sumie Chita” Service starts in May!

Minamichita area’s first [all-inclusive hot spring inn] “Sumie Chita” Service starts in May!

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Press release: May 12, 2024
Minamichita area’s first [all-inclusive hot spring inn] “Sumie Chita” Service starts in May!
*Sumie Chita, an “adult hot spring inn” for those 18 and over, has been reborn as an [all-inclusive] style inn to make your stay even more comfortable than before. Enjoy a relaxing and luxurious time without worrying about your wallet. *
All rooms have ocean views
Lobby lounge with all-wooden flooring overlooking Ise Bay
* [All-inclusive] Service contents are as follows (as of May 2024) * ■* You can enjoy so much with only the accommodation fee! * ■ ・*Drinks at the lobby lounge* (including alcohol)…16:30-24:00 ・*Snacks and ice candy in the lobby lounge* ・・・16:30-24:00
・*Dinner drinks* (some charges apply)
・*Hand-held fireworks* ・We have them available at the front desk after dinner. ・* Facial steamer, tabletop makeup mirror with LED* …Available for rent at the front desk.
・*Various board games*…Enjoy them in the lobby lounge or in your room. ・*Electric kickboard* …Available for rent at the front desk. Reservation required.
・*Choice of color yukata* …Spend your time in the yukata of your choice. ・*Massage chair* … Located in the lobby lounge.
* ・Beach chairs* …Rental at the front desk. You can relax on the sandy beach. ・*Footbath* …Relax while looking out at the sea in the lobby lounge. We plan to add more services for your enjoyment in the future. Enjoy drinks and popsicles at the lobby lounge
Relax in your favorite colored yukata
Electric kickboard that can be operated without a license or helmet We also have board games that two people can enjoy even on rainy days. ◆Hot spring◆
Spring quality: Chloride spring Benefits: Joint pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, sensitivity to cold
Business hours 15:00-24:00 6:00-10:00 (men and women alternate) Take a moment to soak in the hot water, surrounded by the softness of your skin and the warmth of the wood. Relax and enjoy the hot springs rich in minerals from the sea of ​​Ise Bay. After warming up in our signature cypress bath or sukiya-style cypress bath, please enjoy ice cream, drinks, and snacks in the lounge until your meal.
Pail bath by master cypress master Eiichi Hara (men and women swapped) Sukiya-style cypress bath (men and women swapped)
We serve kaiseki cuisine that is pleasing to the eye and gentle on the palate, using seafood from the bountiful Ise Bay and local mountain produce.
preparation. Enjoy your favorite drinks, including local Aichi sake*, without worrying about your wallet. *Evening
For the main meal, you can choose from “Chita Beef Steak” or “Koibi Pork Cooked at Low Temperature,” and for breakfast, you can choose “Japanese food” or “Western food.” We also accommodate allergies (negotiable).

▼Free drinks at dinner▲
〇Draft beer 〇Bottled beer 〇Wine 〇Sparkling wine 〇Shochu (potato/barley) 〇 Sake 〇 Whiskey 〇 Sour 〇 Cocktail 〇 Soft drink
*Some menu items are available for a fee (champagne, limited edition items, etc.).
We are currently running a Horaisen drinking comparison set (2000 yen)! ! You can compare three types of drinks: “Beauty”, “Sora”, and “Sora Black”. Limited time only! Ends as soon as stock runs out.
Kaiseki cuisine that changes with the seasons
Blessings of Ise Bay
Specially ordered dishes also available
Chef’s proud low-temperature cooking
Have a memorable stay
★* Anniversary plans also available* ★
Please also use it for anniversaries such as birthdays and longevity celebrations.
~Basic service~
* ・Cake (No. 4) * ・We will include a message
* ·bouquet*
* ·sparkling wine *
We will prepare surprises for you after your meal or in your room according to your wishes.
If you have any other requests, please feel free to contact us by phone. 2024 Utsumi Fireworks Festival will be held on August 17th
The schedule for this year’s Utsumi Fireworks Festival has been decided! It will be held on Saturday, August 17th. You can watch it from your room or enjoy it on the beach!
Currently on sale only on our company website! ! Enjoy the impressive fireworks right in front of your eyes.
Due to the limited number of rooms, we ask that you make your reservation early. The race will be held in front of the inn.
All rooms with ocean view
Blissful hot spring inn for adults
      * Sumie Chita*
Location: 19 Uchikaihama Okabe, Minamichita-machi, Chita-gun TEL: 0569-62-0066 Number of rooms: 18
Access: Approximately 10 minutes by car from Minamichita IC
Approximately 5 minutes by car from Meitetsu “Utsumi Station” (Transfer available/reservation required)
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