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Home » Fuji Television Co., Ltd. Fuji Television FOD’s crown match that will broadcast the home game against Swallows “Oen is on FOD! Night game!” will be held on Friday, June 28th

Fuji Television Co., Ltd. Fuji Television FOD’s crown match that will broadcast the home game against Swallows “Oen is on FOD! Night game!” will be held on Friday, June 28th

Fuji Television Co., Ltd.
[Fuji TV] FOD’s crown match that will broadcast the home game against Swallows “Oen is on FOD! Night game!” will be held on Friday, June 28th
Ryuta Sato, Yoshinori Okada, and Takashi Tsukamoto, who appear in the drama “The Three People Ω”, will appear at the first pitch ceremony! …… (“SWALLOWS BASEBALL L!VE 2024” distribution page)
FOD, a video distribution service operated by Fuji Television, will broadcast the “Tokyo Yakult Swallows vs. Hanshin Tigers match” (Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium) on Friday, June 28, 2024, with the title “Oen on FOD! Night game!” I will sponsor it.
[Image 1:×360.jpg] ■A gorgeous campaign will be held at the FOD booth on the day of the match! Free invitation campaign
Date: Friday, June 28, 2024
The video distribution service FOD is streaming live and missed home games of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows under the title “SWALLOWS BASEBALL L!VE 2024.”
On Friday, June 28th, FOD’s championship game “Oen is FOD! Night game!” will be held at Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium. On the day of the game, an FOD booth will be set up inside the stadium, and there will be a “FOD Struck Out” that anyone can participate in, a “Giant Special Gacha” where new members of FOD Premium can win gorgeous prizes on the spot, and autographs from Swallows players. You can win special prizes such as goods. In addition, FOD Premium members and new members will receive a Jingu Stadium meal ticket. In addition, we will have a number of limited-time events unique to FOD’s crown match, such as distributing flyers with coupons, displaying FOD posters, and airing commercials.
From June 7th (Friday), we will be holding a campaign where only FOD premium members will be invited to the main championship game “Oen is FOD! Night game!” for free. We will invite 8 people by lottery from those who apply using the special form. Further information on how to apply will be provided by FOD Official X (@fujitvplus). We look forward to seeing you there.
*You can also participate in “Oen at FOD! Night Game!” by purchasing a ticket for the same day.
■The first pitch ceremony will feature three cast members from the drama “The Three People Omega”!
Actor Ryuta Sato (playing the role of Jumbo), who appears in the drama “THE Sanninsama Omega”, which is being distributed exclusively by FOD, will be at the first pitch ceremony before the championship game “Oen is FOD! Night game!” on June 28th (Friday). , Yoshinori Okada (playing Mattsun) and Takashi Tsukamoto (playing Mickey) will appear. On the day of the event, the three people will wear the original uniforms of “THE 3 People Omega,” and Mr. Sato will make the first pitch as a pitcher.
-What is the drama “The Three People Omega”?-
[Image 2:×873.jpg] (C)︎Makochin Ishihara/Fuji Television
It started in 2005 as a live-action drama based on Makochin Ishihara’s manga of the same name, and features a relaxed and relaxed story about a trio of part-time workers played by Ryuta Sato, Yoshinori Okada, and Takashi Tsukamoto having a conversation at a family restaurant late at night. It became a hot topic at the time, and in 2022, the movie “The Three People ~ It’s not possible just to do it remotely, right?” ~” was revived for the first time in 12 years and became an unexpected huge hit.
Nowadays, video content that can be easily viewed anytime and anywhere has become increasingly popular, and “THE 3 people”, which can be called the “original” of easy-going short content, has reopened as “THE 3 people Ω”! The long-awaited FOD streaming drama series is now available!
From August 30th (Friday), “Movie THE 3 People Omega ~ Isn’t this a normal incident? ! ~” will be released nationwide at Shinjuku Wald 9 and other theaters!
◇Drama overview
■Title: “THE 3 People Omega” (8 episodes in total)
■Distribution: Friday, June 7, 2024, 20:00 #5, #6 Distribution starts ■Performance: Ryuta Sato / Yoshinori Okada / Takashi Tsukamoto Daisuke Kobayashi/Nashiko Momotsuki/Tamae Ando and others
■Staff: Original work: “THE 3 people Ω” Makochin Ishihara
Script: Makochin Ishihara
Planning and Producing: Yu Moritani (At Movie)
Executive producer: Takeshi Shimokawa
      Producer: Ue Kanouchi/Kaoru Kuniyasu
      Production Production: At Movie
      Production work: Fuji Television
■U R L: (official site) (Distribution page) (Preview spot)
◇“Oen is FOD! Night game!” Overview
■Date: Friday, June 28, 2024
Scheduled to open at 18:00 to open at 16:30
■Venue: Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
■ Match: Tokyo Yakult Swallows VS Hanshin Tigers
■U R L: (Tokyo Yakult Swallows official website)
■Producer: Masahiro Fujita
■Director: Go Yanagidate Osamu Sakazume
■U R L: (live streaming) (Missed broadcast) -Notes-
*Plans may be canceled or changed without notice. Please note *Host stadium, venue opening, game start time, etc. are subject to change. Please note
*The number of distributed items and prizes is limited, so the campaign will end as soon as they are gone. Please note
*We will not contact you regarding the completion of your application. Please note that we cannot accept inquiries through the help center or office.
*Prize contents and images are for illustrative purposes only. The specifications and contents of the prize may change.
◇ “FOD” Overview
[Image 3:×600.jpg] “FOD” is the official video and e-book distribution service operated by Fuji Television. With “FOD Premium,” you can watch over 100,000 eligible works, including dramas, anime, variety shows, and movies, from the latest releases to classics of the past, for just 976 yen (tax included) per month. You can also read over 200 magazines as much as you like. You can also enjoy a rich lineup of over 700,000 e-books such as manga. With “FOD Catch Free”, which does not require membership registration, popular TV programs are distributed for a limited time after they air, and you can easily use them for free. We offer an entertainment experience unique to a television station. ■URL:
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