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Home » NPO TGP, represented by Riko Higashio 1st “Reproductive Health Award” Winners, 44 groups selected from 11 awards. Tokyo wins special award

NPO TGP, represented by Riko Higashio 1st “Reproductive Health Award” Winners, 44 groups selected from 11 awards. Tokyo wins special award

[NPO TGP, represented by Riko Higashio] 1st “Reproductive Health Award” Winners, 44 groups selected from 11 awards. Tokyo wins special award

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Press release: June 6, 2024
The winners of the 1st Reproductive Health Award were selected from 11 groups and 44 groups were selected. Tokyo wins special award *~Gold Award for “Intrauterine Flora Test” Recognizes outstanding efforts related to “sexuality” and “life” with the aim of spreading the SRHR philosophy~*

*Reproductive Health Award Executive Committee* (Executive Committee Chair: Riko Higashio, Supervisor: JOICFP) on the 6th, *
“Reproductive Health Award 2024” (RH Award) winners, award-winning organizations, and award-winning products have been decided* Did. This award is based on the philosophy of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) that “every person has the right to decide for themselves their own sexuality and to have as many children as they want, when they want.” It was established to spread the word. This year, the first year, we aim to realize a society where SRHR is commonplace.*
Recognizing 44 groups from 11 awards including people, organizations, products and services that are doing excellent work related to sexuality and life, including those in Tokyo*
I will do it. The original concept of SRHR was proposed at the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994, but it has not yet caught on in Japan. We hope that through this award, knowledge including the rights related to “sexuality” and “life” will be spread.
* ■Reproductive Health Award 2024 Executive Committee Chair Riko Higashio Comment*
I am deeply moved by the passion and passion that everyone has put into each of our activities and products related to sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR). In order to make this award more widely known, we have increased the number of awards, with 11 awards and 44 teams selected based on the judges’ scores. It was a very difficult decision to make, as each product that did not win the award had its own unique qualities. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and cooperated.
In my work supporting people undergoing infertility treatment, I often hear people say, “I wish I had known earlier that there is a suitable age for pregnancy.” I don’t want the precious idea of ​​“connecting lives” to end with “I didn’t know”, and I feel that it is important to “have the correct knowledge about sex and life and make your own choices.” I want to create a society where people can value themselves and respect others without taking anything for granted. With this in mind, I would like to spread knowledge about sexuality and life, including rights.

Although this is the first time, it is still a small step, but I hope that this award will help spread the concept of SRHR in Japan. I would like to continue to build upon this step by step towards the realization of a society where people can make their own choices about their own lives.

* ■ List of “Reproductive Health Award 2024” winners, award-winning organizations, products and services *
                             (Titles omitted, in no particular order) Gold Award (1) “Intrauterine flora test” (Varinos Co., Ltd.) Silver Award (3) “muneposi Towel” (muneposi)
“MiteCare Men’s Home Checker” (Tenma Co., Ltd.)
“Menopausal ecosystem connecting beauty salons and gynecology” (Japan Beauty Creation Co., Ltd.)
Bronze Award (6) “Postnatal care at a hot spring facility” (Midwifery Clinic Tomoko Sanchi)
“Postpartum care app mamaniere”
(POLA Co., Ltd.)
“Clinic x Products for health issues associated with hormonal changes in men and women” (Anfer Co., Ltd.)
(YDS Co., Ltd.)
“Lactoferrin Lab Moist Lift Gel Serum”
(Saraya Co., Ltd.)
“My Temperature (R)” (TOPPAN Edge Co., Ltd.)
JOICFP Award (1) “Humans and Sexuality” Education and Research Council VERY Award (2) HIKIDASHI, a specified non-profit organization SHELLY (model, talent)
La Calpe Award (1) Kanazawa University Diversity Promotion Organization Special Award SRHR Award (2) Kazuko Fukuda (Representative of #Nandenaino Project)
General Incorporated Association SRHR Japan
Special Award Sexual Rights Category (8)…Award for the right to decide one’s own “sexuality” Fumino Sugiyama (LGBT activist)/ Mutant Wave (Genderist) / Yoshie Arikawa (Certified Infertility Nurse) / Kiminotonari Nonprofit Organization / Faculty of Regional
Co-creation, Kyushu Sangyo University
Department of Regional Development Eiko Yamashita Laboratory/Diversity Promotion Office / Sekirara Card Co., Ltd. Communication Card Game / NILPA Co., Ltd.
Tsukuyomi Coffee/ Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Femtech Project
Special Award Sexual Health Category (7)…Award for being in good physical, mental, and social condition regarding “sexuality” Ciorine (midwife YouTuber)/
Service products provided by Wacoal Co., Ltd. “YOJOY” / Hapirabo Co., Ltd. Domestic Japanese and Chinese self-care brand MEGURIE / JUN Co., Ltd.
POROROCA / Milos Institute Co., Ltd. Counseling, Mental Care / Amritala Co., Ltd. Femcare Body Serum /
Yotohito Co., Ltd. “Tomorrow I will climb the persimmon tree” and accompanying healthcare services
Special Award Reproductive Rights Category (6)…Award for the right to decide everything related to “life” Specified non-profit
corporation Fine / Madane
Project / General Incorporated Association AID support / Good things for mothers / E.G.YUON Co., Ltd. Maternity sign charm that can be used during pregnancy /
Special Award in the Reproductive Health Category (7)…Award for being in a completely good physical, mental, and social condition in all aspects of life.Tokyo /
Toyoshima Co., Ltd. Hogara, HogaLabo, HogaLifeSupport / Seiren Co., Ltd. The ultimate no-sew water-absorbing shorts, ultra-smooth pelvic floor muscle support water-absorbing shorts / Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd. My Prologue Supplement /
Life Vision Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of cloth napkins / WHITETREE Co., Ltd. Organic wellness tea /
T-LAB (Toytsu Co., Ltd./TBL Co., Ltd.)
* ■ Organizer Overview *
[Sponsor] NPO TGP Representative: Riko Higashio [Business content] Support for those undergoing infertility treatment (fertility study group), comprehensive sex education for young people, SRHR promotion
* ■Inquiries regarding this press release*
Reproductive Health Award Executive Committee Secretariat (within NPO TGP)
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