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CAMBRIDGE GAN DEVICES brings the benefits of GAN to motor control

Cambridge GaN Devices Ltd.
CAMBRIDGE GAN DEVICES brings the benefits of GAN to motor control Development of evaluation kit featuring Qorvo’s high-performance BLDC/PMSM motor controller/driver and CGD’s easy-to-use ICeGaN IC ……
Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), a fabless cleantech semiconductor company that develops energy-efficient GaN-based power devices to enable green electronics, is a leading global provider of connectivity and power solutions. has partnered with Qorvo(R) (Nasdaq: QRVO) to develop a reference design and evaluation kit (EVK) that realizes the benefits of GaN for motor control applications. CGD aims to promote the adoption of GaN power ICs in BLDC/PMSM applications, thereby enabling high-power, high-efficiency, compact, and reliable systems. Qorvo manufactures EVKs for PAC5556A ( ) motor/control ICs that utilize CGD’s ICeGaN(TM) (IC-enhanced GaN) technology.
[Image:×2925.jpg] Giorgia Longobardi | CEO, CGD
“Unlike other GaN implementations, ICeGaN integrates interface circuitry into the GaN HEMT without an attached controller, making it ideal for highly integrated motor controllers such as Qorvo’s PAC5556A 600 V high-performance BLDC/PMSM motor controller/driver. We are excited to partner with Qorvo to leverage the benefits of GaN power in motor controller and driver applications.”
JEff Strang | General Manager, Power Management Business Unit, Qorvo “Wide bandgap semiconductors such as GaN and SiC are being actively considered for various motor control applications due to their advantages in terms of power density and efficiency. It excels in two key factors: ease of use and reliability, and we look forward to seeing how design engineers react when they combine Qorvo’s highly integrated PAC5556A 600V BLDC motor control solution with powerful GaN.”
GaN has various advantages, but the most notable one is its low loss. Therefore, it is highly efficient, leading to improved power supply capacity and reduced heat generation. This eliminates the need for complex, bulky, and costly thermal management solutions, resulting in a system that is smaller, more powerful, and has a longer operating life. GaN also has large torque even at low speeds, allowing for precise control. Additionally, faster switching reduces audible noise. This property is especially useful in household appliances such as ceiling fans, heat pumps, and refrigerators.
In addition to being easy to use, ICeGaN has several significant advantages compared to other GaN devices. First, ICeGaN is compatible with IGBT in gate drive voltage. Additionally, the integration of a Miller clamp within the GaN IC eliminates the need for negative turn-off voltages and allows the use of lower cost current drivers. Finally, a convenient current sensing feature simplifies circuit design and reduces BOM.
Reference designs are now available. EVK RD5556GaN will be available in Q3 2024. We will also be exhibiting at the CGD booth (Hall 7 643) at the PCIM exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany from June 11th to 13th. Qorvo will be exhibiting at Hall 7 406.
About Cambridge GaN Devices
Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) designs, develops, and markets GaN transistors and ICs that represent breakthroughs in energy efficiency and miniaturization. CGD’s mission is to bring innovation to everyday life by providing energy-efficient GaN solutions. CGD has demonstrated the suitability of ICeGaN(TM) technology for high-volume manufacturing and is rapidly expanding its manufacturing and customer partnerships. CGD, a fabless company, is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge. Founder and CEO Dr. Giorgia Longobardi and CTO Professor Florin Udrea have strong ties to the university’s world-renowned High Voltage Microelectronics and Sensors (HVMS) group. CGD’s ICeGaN HEMT technology is protected by a strong and continually expanding IP portfolio earned through our commitment to innovation. The CGD team’s technical and commercial expertise and extensive experience in the power electronics market are the foundation for market acceptance of the company’s proprietary technology.
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