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Professional mahjong league ‘M League’ 2018 winning prediction campaign held

General Morgan League Organization Professional mahjong league “M League” 2018 winning prediction campaign held Final Series Advance EX Feng Shui Volcano, Shibuya ABEMAS, KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB, Akasaka DRIVENS 4 Team Player Select Luxury Items Present ………………………………………………………………………………… [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/35640/11/resize/d35640-11-723435-0.jpg] The M League Organization (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shin Fujita), the general Morgan League organization, will launch on Monday, March 2, 2019 “M League” “M League 2018 Asahi Newspaper Final Series We are pleased to inform you that the winning campaign campaign will be held from Saturday, March 2. In the winning prediction campaign held this time, out of the 4 teams of EX furin volcanoes, Shibuya ABEMAS, KONAMI MAH-JON fighting club, Akasaka Dorvans, which will enter into the final series, we anticipated the winning team, submitted fantastic predictions For those who will draw a grand prize selected by winning team by a winner by lottery. Items gifts from the winning team will be announced at the “winning prediction campaign movie” of each team posted on March 2 (Saturday) on the official “M League” Twitter, during the period (March 2 Saturday) to March 11 (Monday)), you can apply by retwearing this post. The final series starting on March 2nd (Sat) will be held for 8 days from Saturday and Sunday, 15th every week except 16th and 17th, and we are planning a total of 24 games, 3 games a day. Please enjoy the final series starting from tomorrow together with the winning forecast in this campaign. In future “M League” we will proactively make proposals and initiatives that will allow more people to enjoy Mahjong as a competitive sports.
■ “M League” winning forecast campaign summary Duration: Saturday from March 2, 2019 to Monday, March 11 (Monday) Application method: From the “M – League Official Twitter” “winning prediction campaign video”, you can apply by retwearing the team ‘s videos that you think will win. Winning confirmation method: We will replace the winner ‘s announcement with shipping prizes.
■ “M League” Overview 【Name】 General Morgan League Organization 【Officer】 Chief Counselor Japan Top League Collaboration Organization Chairman Board Chairman Japan Football Association Adviser Saburo Kawabuchi Representative Director Shin Fujita, President and CEO of CyberAgent Inc. Director Konami Okita President and Representative Director Konami Amusement Corporation Director Shigeru Yamashita, Vice Chairman, SEGA Interactive Inc. Director, TV Asahi President and Representative Director Kaname Genisi Director Yutaka Ishikawa Executive Officer, Dentsu Inc. Board Member Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Director Managing Executive Officer Masato Igarashi Board member U-NEXT President and CEO Tsutsumi Tenshin Auditor Inoue Business Consultants Representative Director Tomoharu Inoue 【Location】 2-1-1 Coast, Minato-ku, Tokyo No. 1 16 [Activities started] July 2018 Official website: https: //m-league.jp
■ URL “M League” official website: https: //m-league.jp “M League” Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/m_league _ “M League” official YouTube: https: //www.youtube.com/c/m-league “M.LEAGUE OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE”: https: //m-league.jp/ec/

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