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  • 【Kracie Foods】 Although it is a warrior, I will not fight muggy things! March 1 (Fri) New movie series “Mirai warrior Igyder” released

【Kracie Foods】 Although it is a warrior, I will not fight muggy things! March 1 (Fri) New movie series “Mirai warrior Igyder” released

【Kracie Foods】 Although it is a warrior, I will not fight muggy things! March 1 (Fri) New movie series “Mirai warrior Igyder” released
Kracie Foods Even though it is a warrior, I will not fight magical things! March 1 (Fri) New movie series “Future Warrior Iguider” is released The nemesis is the incarnation of “prejudice”! What? Discard Igaieta and win the enemy with words! Campaign to receive educational confectionery (R) set! ………………………………………………………………………………… Kracie Foods is a sequel to the animated series “Ugai no Uta”, a movie “Mirai warrior Igyuda” (Kurashii foods’ educational confectionery (R) sung with melody and a synthetic coloring and preservative zero) //www.nerune.jp/igaigai/) The first bullet will be released from March 1st (Friday). Kurashie Food ‘s educational confectionery (R), such as “Neighborhood snacks” are currently releasing 22 kinds of “sweets” that “while growing, while enjoying while acquiring the power needed for nature and growth” while making. For educational confectionery (R), all products are made with synthetic coloring and preservative zero, and children can eat safely for children. For example, we use the natural pigment “anthocyanin” contained in purple cabbage etc. for the product “Neuru ne ne ne” representative of educational confectionery (R). “Anthocyanin” has the feature that it turns to blue when adding acid such as citric acid to make it alkaline by adding sodium bicarbonate etc., and the color change of “Ne ne ne ne” also uses this feature. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/16394/53/resize/d16394-53-356226-6.jpg] I would like to inform you with the movie that intellectual training confectionery (R) wants to widely know that sweets are enjoyable for children with zero synthetic coloring and preservatives. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/16394/53/resize/d16394-53-338146-7.jpg] The movie series “Mirai warrior idaider” is a sequel to the popular animation series “Ugai no Uta”, the hero’s idaire is a figure transformed by a son, Ms. Igai’s son, who is surprised to be muggy. Every time Mom surprises Muga-kun, it becomes insightfully knowledgeable. Even though it is a warrior, he does not fight muddy things, every time he discards Igaieta and wins his enemies with words. Please see how to settle as “a warrior of the future” that you can understand that fighting was absurd. ※ “Uta no Uta” URL: http: //www.nerune.jp/igaigai/igaigainouta/
■ “Mirai warrior idiot” overview 【title】 “Mirai warrior idler” corn grain story / world’s oldest fruit story 【story】 This movie is the story of “Future Warrior Igyuda” that Kurasei Food ‘s educational confectionery (R) wins the enemy by discarding the magical story as much as it is not using synthetic coloring matter / preservative. [Publication period] The first one From March 1, 2019 (Friday) [Public place] Mirai warrior Igada Brand Site (www.nerune.jp/igaigai/) Neo Laboratory official YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS65YbQ9nMKcABFlVNUCNI_B7iSAcGrZd)
■ You can earn educational confectionery (R) set! Mirai warrior I Guider gift campaign [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/16394/53/resize/d16394-53-185217-1.png] Kurashie Foods’ educational confectionery (R) set will be given by lottery to those who answered correctly to the quiz! 【Campaign period】 1st entry period 2019.3 / 1-4 / 30 total 100 people 2nd application period 2019.7 / 1-8 / 31 total 100 people Third application period 2019.10 / 1-11 / 30 Total 100 people 【How to join the campaign Follow STEP 1 campaign account 〇 Twitter account: Mirai warrior myself (https://twitter.com/igaigaiCP) 〇 Facebook account: Neo Laboratory (www.facebook.com/nerune.jp) STEP 2 Challenge the quiz! ! Hints are hidden in the movie. Let’s challenge a quiz by watching a video that becomes a hint!
■ Kracie’s educational confectionery (R) has preservative and synthetic coloring charge of zero [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/16394/53/resize/d16394-53-355709-3.gif] The educational confectionery (R) series manufactured by Kracie Foods does not use preservatives or synthetic coloring at all. This mark will be displayed on all products of “educational confectionery (R)” and will convey the safety and security of products to customers. ※ educational confectionery (R) is a registered trademark.

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