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  • 【Corner Note Co., Ltd.】 A celebration for giving “Congratulations” to “Thank you” An easyselect, easyselect EC site for new moms Open from Monday, April 22, 2019

【Corner Note Co., Ltd.】 A celebration for giving “Congratulations” to “Thank you” An easyselect, easyselect EC site for new moms Open from Monday, April 22, 2019

Body Note Co., Ltd. “Congratulations” for “Thank you” in return to the inner gift Easy-to-select, easy to decide, EC site for new moms Open from Monday, April 22, 2019 ………………………………………………………………………………………… The mission is to support family health and increase smiles as a mission, and develop tool applications and media for pregnancy and childcare groups. Bodynote Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo / representative: Tatsuya Sato / Our company) We will open the site “Mamabi Youki” from Monday, April 22, 2019. [Topics] ・ A baby-to-child celebration EC site “Mamabi-hii” is opened on Monday, April 22, 2019. ・ It was born from the voice of mom who is the user, A site design that makes it easy for even busy moms to choose gifts. ・ We publish columns such as “Cabinet circumstances that we heard to 600 moms” and “Cabinet manners”.
■ We connect thought with gift which attached feeling of thanks and deepens bond with important person The EC site “Mamabi Hikari” is a website for giving birth gifts in return. In this site, the concept of deepening ties with important people by giving gifts as gifts in return from gratitude from important people who have been close to various thoughts from pregnancy to childbirth I am I will deliver with all my heart that both the giver and the giver are full of smiles on the celebration of the celebration of celebration. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/31718/45/resize/d31718-45-784263-0.jpg] “Mamabi Than Home Celebration” EC site summary ・ Name of site: Mother’s Day ・ Site URL: shop.mamab.jp/ ・ How to order: Any member can make an order after registering as a member from the site. ・ Catalog: Free distribution to e-mail magazine members from late May (A requester can also receive distribution from within the site) ・ Original content: 1. I heard about 600 mom’s birthday party 2. The body note of Ambassador Mito (@sitter_nico) Including illustration wrapping paper (scheduled to be added in May) You can choose from 6 types of wrapping paper freely 3. Staff carefully selected recommended products from Momobi (scheduled to be added sequentially)
■ A home celebration site design that is easy to select even after a lively mother who was born from the voice of the mother Although it is customary to give a gift as a celebration for giving birth after birth, it is the fact that you are busy taking care of your baby so that you can not afford to choose a gift slowly after delivery. According to the questionnaire survey (October 6, 2018-November 12/649 responses) to our users, “I was busy after giving birth, and it was difficult to choose products (33.3%)” as a confusing problem with internal celebration There were a lot of people who answered. In addition, many opinions were also heard that they were confused because they were the first to give birth, such as “I was not prepared in advance (7.5%)” and “I did not know the manners of the celebration (7.5%)”. [Excerpt of opinion] ・ It was difficult to think in parallel with childcare after childbirth. ・ It is hard to go to buy back in one month after birth. It was also difficult for people to choose an item. ・ It was difficult to give gifts to people who do not know their tastes. Such In “Mamabi Youki”, prepare a column such as “Come in for the 600 moms,” or “Cumbration manner” and make it easier for child-rearing households who are not familiar with childbirth after childbirth to choose gifts more easily Is designed to Company Name: Body Note Co., Ltd. Headquarters: 2-11-11 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shiba Koen 2-chome Building 3F Representative: Tatsuya Sato Business contents: Development of tool application related to pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, information content distribution for pre-mamas / mamas URL: corp.karadanote.jp/

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