~ Classical Sweets of Showa in the Age of War and Peace ~

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~ Classical Sweets of Showa in the Age of Ornament ~ A gorgeous orthodox school “Purin A La Mode” at a hotel
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Related URL: https://www.tokyuhotels.co.jp/nagoya-h/restaurant/grindelwald/plan/57072/index.html Nagoya Tokyu Hotel (General Manager, Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi: Katsuya Saito) will start at the atrium lounge “Grindelwald” on Sunday, December 1, 2019. “La mode”.
In the atrium lounge where you can enjoy a number of hotel patissier’s specialty sweets, the traditional dessert “Purin A La Mode” will appear.
“Custard pudding” at Nagoya Tokyu Hotel is mainly a buffet at restaurants and banquet halls.
If you could enjoy this pudding slowly in the atrium lounge, Patissier imagined the good times of Showa and finished it in a beautiful and colorful dish.
Pudding made by adding fresh cream to eggs and milk and baked carefully at a low temperature is an orthodox dish characterized by a slightly firm and refreshing taste, egg flavor and slight sweetness. This time, we will offer the classic “Purin A La Mode” that was popular in the Showa era, in a gorgeous style unique to hotels. Gorgeous assortment with hotel-made pudding and vanilla ice cream and several beautifully cut fruits.
A retro dish that can be enjoyed with nostalgic memories is a dish that has a gorgeous look that can be seen in modern SNS.
Enjoy the sweets loved by generations in an elegant lounge reminiscent of a medieval European courtyard.
[Purin A La Mode] Overview
Date: Sunday, December 1, 2019
Time: 11: 00-22: 00
Price: Single item ¥ 1,650 / Set (with coffee or tea) ¥ 2,200 Location: 1st floor atrium lounge “Grindelwald”
* The prices shown in parentheses include 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax.
※The photograph is an image.
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Atrium Lounge “Grindelwald”
An atrium lounge where the water breeze and the dazzling light through the window are open. Including an afternoon tea set, we offer a menu that you can enjoy relaxedly.
■ Business hours: 9: 00-22: 30 (L.O.22: 10)
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Nagoya Tokyu Hotel
Atrium Lounge “Grindelwald”

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