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  • Granada Co., Ltd. Mansano brothers and sisters with 2 Michelin stars come to Japan for the first time from the natural Asturias region called Green Spain!

Granada Co., Ltd. Mansano brothers and sisters with 2 Michelin stars come to Japan for the first time from the natural Asturias region called Green Spain!

Granada Co., Ltd.
Mansano brothers and sisters with two Michelin stars come to Japan for the first time from the natural Asturias region called Green Spain!
Chef Nacho Mansano, who is known for excellence in handling
ingredients from the Asturias region, a natural treasure house in the north of Spain, is here for the first time! For 6 days from November 25, I will be waving my arm in Nihonbashi
A gastromy restaurant “COOK JAPAN PROJECT” operated by Granada Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, representative director Yuji Shimoyama), visits to Japan one after another. “Casa Marcial” chef Nacho Mansano, who has three suns, visits Japan. An event limited to 6 days will be held from November 25! They show us a new Spanish food that is different from Barocellona and Madrid.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICtD6eIR9Co] Located in northern Spain, the Asturias region has a bay of Biscay in the north and the Cantabrian Mountains in the south, where rugged coastlines and dynamic canyons, lakes and mountains remain untouched. The average annual temperature is 9 ° C in winter and 18 ° C in summer, making it an ideal environment for wild animals and plants. Yes.
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There is a restaurant in the mountains of a small town called Ariondas in the Asturian region. The restaurant is “Casa Marcial” led by Chef Nacho Mansano, who has a two-Michelin star and an international reputation.
Born in Asturias in 1971, Chef Nacho started working at Casa Victor Restaurant in Gijon, Spain at the age of 15, remodeling the bar run by his parents at the age of 22, and opening “Casa Marcial”. Six years later, at the age of 28, he won one Michelin star and was selected as one of the ten great Spanish cooks. In 2009, he received 2 Michelin stars. The “Casa Marial”, inherited from the parents by the Mansano brothers, is also a place where the grandmother inherited her passion for recipes and cooking, and her parents respected nature, local products and producers.
Born in Asturias and built a career in Asturias, the chef ’s specialties are freshness, improvisation, and an exquisite balance. For example, a unique combination like a dish with a sardine on top of a tuna that has been fired brings a pleasant surprise to the taste. This time, Esta Mansano, chef who has a Michelin star and a sister of Nacho Chef, is coming to Japan! Mansano brothers and sisters are all waving their arms.
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◆ Nacho Mansano Chef 6 day limited event
“Casa Marcial” Spain Arriondas 2 Michelin Stars Respol Guide 3 Taiyo Schedule: November 25 (Mon)-November 30 (Sat) Dinner 18:00 / 18:30 / 19:00- Price: Degustation Course Dinner 31,000 yen → Advance Internet Discount 28,000 yen (tax excluded and service charge included) https://cookjapanproject.com/category/select/cid/129
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◆ This event limited menu (excerpt) of Nacho Mansano chef
Asturian nature with magnificent nature. Chef Nacho Mansano offers a special course that snuggles up with the nature of your hometown and appeals to its splendor
・ Lichen lichen
・ Cockscombs Tosaka
・ Courgette and Foamy Cod Sauce zucchini and cod form
Sea Urchin with Celery Curdand Iodized Juice Autumn Sea urchin, celery card and autumn iodine juice
・ Enoki, Squid and Ink Soil Enoki, Squid, Squid Ink
・ Fabes with Chicken, Cockle Feet and My Grandmother´s Dashi broth. ・ Autumn (mushrooms, chestnuts, apples)
・ Hake in its essence with Holandaise Sauce and dried hake roe Fish, dried egg with its essence and orangese sauce
・ Duck with Abalone Seafood duck, abalone and seaweed
・ Juniper and Orange English Curd with mango and ginger ice cream Juniper and orange British cream Mango and ginger ice cream
・ Petit Fours Petit Four
* Menus may change due to purchasing issues
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◆ Restaurant of Chef Nacho Mansano
Casa Marcial https://www.casamarcial.com
Arriondas, Spain
Michelin 2 stars
Respol Guide 3 Sun
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A gastronomic event that invites 30 star chefs from around the world in order to serve 3 people a month for 10 months. A restaurant project that introduces the best ingredients of Japan that surprise the world to the chef, has them created this event-only course, and enjoyed by customers
HP: https://cookjapanproject.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CookJapanProject/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cookjapanproject/

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