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  • 【AERONEX CORPORATION】 AERONEXT, Mass production of next generation drone “Next” series with centroid control technology

【AERONEX CORPORATION】 AERONEXT, Mass production of next generation drone “Next” series with centroid control technology

【AERONEX CORPORATION】 AERONEXT, Mass production of next generation drone “Next” series with centroid control technology
AERONEXT CORPORATION Mass production of next generation drone “Next” series equipped with aeronect and center of gravity control technology ~ Working tie-up with Ogahi Industry Co., Ltd., a major agricultural machinery manufacturer – ………………………………………………………………………………… Aeronex Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Keisuke Tanji) is aiming to mass-produce the next generation drone “Next” series equipped with the company’s center of gravity control technology “4D Gravity (R) We are announcing today that we will make a business alliance with Oga Industrial Co., Ltd. (Okayama City Minami-ku, President and Representative Director: Shojiro Koji). 【background】 In 2018, “4D Gravity (R)” announced by AERONEXT received a high reputation and received many awards. In the same year October won the startup event “B Dash Camp PITCH ARENA” sponsored by B Dash Ventures (won the Personal Award at the same time). Also in October, it was the first venture company to receive the “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize” of “CEATEC AWARD 2018”. In November it became the first Japanese company to participate in “Dansheng (English name: Nanshan” Entrepreneurship Star “Contest 2018)” of Shin Minami-yama 2018 “sponsored by the People’s Government of Nanshan District of Shenzhen City in Shenzhen, He won “3rd place in the start-up division” and was awarded the “intellectual property prize” by being evaluated intellectual property strategy. We won the pitch event “LaunchPad” contested by 14 startups that were screened after domestic Infinity Ventures Summit 2018 after a rigorous review. Due to the above-mentioned award-winning news reports, the expectation for mass production of “Next” series equipped with “4D Gravity (R)” from domestic and overseas was increasing. 【Background and Future】 Aeronekt and Kohashi Industry have repeatedly exchanged opinions on market creation of industrial drone with the investment of Chiba Dojo Dolone Department No.2 Investment Business Limited Partnership Association (also known as Drone Fund No. 2) by Kohashi Industry. In February 2019, as a strategic partner to realize the drones prerequisite society, we reached an agreement on the partnership between the two companies. The end of February is scheduled to conclude a business alliance contract. Cooperate with planning, development and manufacture of products for the purpose of commercialization and mass production of technology “4D Gravity (R)” for industrial drone’s center of gravity control and aircraft based on intellectual property (“Next” series) · We will sell etc. Aeronext and Kohashi Industry will plan, manufacture, and sell safe and easy-to-use drones as a leading company of the drone industry in the future. that’s all
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/32193/18/resize/d32193-18-798605-0.jpg] From the left side of the screen, Aeronext CEO Keisuke Tanji, President of Kobashi Industry Masajiro Kobashi [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/32193/18/resize/d32193-18-919786-1.jpg] Principles scheduled to be manufactured at Kohashi Industry Prototype “Next DELIVERY (R)” ====== Documentation material document ===== 【About center of gravity control technology “4D Gravity (R)”】 “4D Gravity (R)”, a center of gravity control technology for the aircraft, is a generic name for a series of technologies that optimizes the center of gravity position according to the flight attitude and motion of the drones, corresponding to severe weather conditions, and to improve mobility and fuel economy Contributing to the next generation drones is essential technology. 【Next Generation Drone “Next” Series】 Next generation drone “Next” series using “4D Gravity (R)” was announced in 2018. Next VR shooting drone “Next VR (TM)”, which is excellent in fuel economy, safety, mobility, capable of shooting a compact, high-quality 360 ° VR image, enables horizontal transport without leaning baggage Three models of “Next Delivery (R)” dedicated to home delivery, “Next INDUSTRY (R)” capable of approaching objects that were difficult with traditional drone and entering narrow spaces have been announced to date. 【What is Kobashi Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Kobashiko Gyoji Co., Ltd.)】 Kobashi Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a farm machine manufacturer headquartered in Okayama City with a history of more than 100 years since founded in 1823. * Please refer to www.kobashiindustries.com/company/outline/ for the outline of Kobashi Kogyo Co., Ltd. 【What is Aeronexstar Co., Ltd.】 It is a drone architecture research laboratory that realizes the appearance of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and multi-copter body frames. We are developing aircraft with strengths in “4D Gravity (R)” center of gravity control technology, with “Aero control” as the central theme of the drone architecture that Aeronex aims to realize. * Please refer to aeronext.blue/company/ for AERONEXT Corporation corporate outline. * Aeronext and Aeronex logo and “4D Gravity (R)”, “Next VR (TM)”, “Next DELIVERY (R)” and “Next INDUSTRY (R)” are trademarks of Aeronexstar . All other trademarks are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. that’s all

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