Lup, Inc. The world’s largest Lime joins the Micromobility Promotion Council

Luup Inc.
The world’s largest Lime joins the Micromobility Promotion Council Announcement of “Safety Guidelines” for starting domestic sharing business of electric kickboard
On November 14, 2019, the micromobility promotion council, composed mainly of domestic electric kickboard operators, was established by Lime Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Lime Corporation), a Japanese subsidiary of Neutron Holdings, which operates the world’s largest Lime. ) Announced that it has joined the council. In addition, we have announced “Safety Guidelines” for the purpose of establishing basic principles and detailed rules for ensuring the safety of users and the reliability of their businesses for electric kickboard sharing projects conducted by companies participating in the Council. did. [Image 1


(From left, Mr. Minoru Hinata, representative director of mobby ride, Chairman of the micromobility promotion council, Daiki Okai, president and CEO of Luup Co., Ltd. Mr. Hidehiro Mitani, member of the House of Representatives, Managing Director, Digital Garage Group to support Lime’s advance into Japan, Mr. Michel Price, Asia Lime’s Asia-Pacific Policy and Regional Policy Officer Yuki Nakane, CEO of mymerit company)
As the world’s largest operator, Lime is developing an electric kickboard sharing service in various countries. In the future, Lime will work with the Micromobility Promotion Council to share the knowledge and data of each country regarding what kind of traffic environment the electric kickboard can run safely, and under what conditions in Japanese society. We will discuss whether a safe and convenient service can be developed.
[Image 2


A press conference held by the Council for the Promotion of
Micromobility held at the House of Representatives First House

About the Micromobility Promotion Council
This council was established to promote initiatives for social implementation of new micromobility technology led by electric kickboard operators. In the future, as the number of refugees increases due to the declining birthrate and aging of the population, as well as an increase in the means of transportation for one mile and the car accidents of the elderly, the efforts to tie this one mile will be indispensable. Yes, the social implementation of micromobility is the key to maintaining and developing the vitality of the city. ・ Activities: (1) Establishment of self-regulatory system, (2) Determination of basic policies for safe driving guidance, (3) Demonstration experiments and business promotion, (4) Policy recommendations, etc.
・ Form: Voluntary organization
・ Chairman: Daiki Okai President and CEO Luup Co., Ltd.
・ Participating companies / groups: * Listed in alphabetical order -Lime Corporation
-Stock Company mymerit
-Mobby ride Inc.
-Luup Inc.
・ Secretariat: Within Kioimachi Strategic Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku 1-3 Garden Terrace Kioicho Kioi Tower 21F) Safety guidelines
With regard to the electric kickboard sharing business carried out by members of this council, with the objective of establishing basic principles and detailed rules for ensuring user safety and business reliability, ensuring the safety of users and aircraft, Items related to ensuring business reliability and appropriate management of user information were established.

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