Phoenix Resort Co., Ltd. Miyazaki in February is a great success at a sports camp! Let’s enjoy a “push team” support trip based in Seagaia

Phoenix Resort Co., Ltd.
Miyazaki in February is a great success at a sports camp! Let’s enjoy a “push team” support trip based in Seagaia
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Miyazaki Spring Camp Support Plan Available …………………………………………………………………………
Miyazaki Prefecture, with its mild climate all year round, many sunny days, and well-equipped facilities, has been chosen as a sacred place for sports camps by many national and international teams and teams. [Image 1

* Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 2019 Miyazaki Spring Camp
February is the camping season. Even in winter, Miyazaki Prefecture, which is relatively warm during the daytime, has more than 20 sports teams, including professional baseball and J-League, coming to the camp every February, attracting many sports fans. The real pleasure of camping is that you can see the star players’ practice scenery up close. In addition, there are many attractions of camping tours, such as getting signatures from longing athletes, shaking hands and enjoying Miyazaki gourmet.
At Seagaia, we have prepared an accommodation plan for fans who come to Miyazaki to enjoy Miyazaki camp so that their trip can be more memorable to support their favorite team.
Baseball and soccer sports teams camp in Miyazaki!
Professional baseball
・ Yomiuri Giants 2/1 ~ 2/27 (Yamazakura Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park) ・ Hiroshima Toyo Carp 2/1 ~ 2/27 (Nichinan City Tenfuku Stadium) ・ Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks 2/1 ~ 2/27 (Miyazaki City Ikome Forest Sports Park) ・ ORIX Buffaloes 2/1 ~ 2/29 (Miyazaki Kiyotake Sports Park)
・ Saitama Seibu Lions 2/1 ~ 2/19 (Nango City Central Park Central Park Baseball Stadium)
[Image 2

J League
・ Vegalta Sendai @ 1/29 ~ 2/9 (Nishioka City West Athletics Stadium) 2/10-final day undecided (Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park)
・ Kashima Antlers 1/10-1/20 (Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park) ・ Kawasaki Frontale 1/13-1/24 (Ayamachi Nishikihara Sports Park) ・ Yokohama F. Marinos 1/23 ~ 1/31 (Miyazaki City / Seagaia Square 1) ・ Yokohama FC 1 / 28-2 / 8 (Nichinan City Sports Park)
・ Cerezo Osaka 1 / 20-2 / 2 (Miyazaki City International Beach Entrance Plaza) ・ Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1/30-2/9 (Miyazaki City / Seagaia Square 1) -J2-
・ FC Machida Zelvia 1/29-2/8 (Ayamachi Teruha Fureai Plaza)
・ Tochigi SC 1/29-2/9 (Takashiro Sports Park, Miyakonojo City) ・ Vanforet Kofu 1 / 27-2 / 8 (Ayamachi Odazume Athletics Stadium) ・ Tsuegen Kanazawa 1 / 14-26 (Takashiro Sports Park, Miyakonojo City) 1/28-2/9 (Miyazaki Kiyotake Sports Park)
・ Faziano Okayama 2/1 ~ 2/9 (Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park) ・ Tokushima Voltis 1/21 ~ 2/1 (Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park) -J3-
・ Cerezo Osaka U23 2/18 ~ 2/24 (Miyazaki International Beach Entrance Plaza) * Out of order.
* Please refer to each team website for detailed schedule.
* Please refer to the website of each team for the MAP of J-League (J2, J3). * Information released as of January 10, 2020.
[Table 3:”>

After enjoying the camp tour, we also want to enjoy Miyazaki gourmet! Inside the camp venue of the professional baseball team, there are corners for gourmet and goods sales. You can enjoy Miyazaki gourmet to your heart’s content. In addition, restaurants in Seagaia are holding various fairs. After visiting the camp, relax at the hotel for dinner. [Image 3

Garden Buffet “Pine Terrace”
Renewal Opening 2nd Anniversary
Dinner buffet
Nichinan lemon theme, Japanese, Western, and colorful menus are lined up. Enriched kids corner for families! In the first half of February, you can enjoy Italian cuisine of “Ristorante ARCO” and in the second half, several Chinese dishes of “Aihai”.
[Image 4

■ Period: February 1 (Sat)-February 29 (Sat)
Ristorante ARCO Week 2/1 ~ 2/13
Chinese food “Aihai” Week 2/14 ~ 2/29
■ Time: 17: 30-21: 30 (LO)
■ Location: Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 1F
Garden Buffet “Pine Terrace”
■ Price: Adult 4,500 yen, 4-12 years old 2,250 yen
* Seagaia Premium Members Club Member Benefits: Adults 4,000 yen, 4-12 years old 2,000 yen
Let’s heal the tired body by visiting the camp at a mineral-rich hot spring [Image 5

Hot spring facility “Shosengu”
Okunoyu “Tsukiyomi”
Hot water springing from a stratum 1,000 meters underground and 10 million years ago is a mineral-rich beauty hot water with the fossil components of the ancient sea.
The biggest feature of Tsukiyomi is the open-air bath that nestles in a pine forest. You can feel warm and open if you breathe out the scent of pine.
■ Business hours: 6: 00-23: 00 (Last entry 22:30)
* Only for Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort hotel guests (bathing free) * Seagaia Premium Members Club Member Benefits: Outpatient bathing available only from 10:00 to 16:00 (500 yen on weekdays / 700 yen on weekends and holidays)
This is the recommended place to win!
[Image 6

10 minutes walk from hotel
Eda Shrine (Miyazaki City)
A shrine that worships the native god Izanagi Mikoto and Izanamino Mikoto. Popular as Miyazaki’s best power spot.

[Image 7

40 minutes by car from the hotel
Aoshima Shrine (Miyazaki City)
A shrine where the Yomiuri Giants pray for victory at the camp. Women who seek happiness as a love spot are never ending.

[Image 8

1 hour drive from hotel
Omi Shrine (Hyuga City)
We worship Amaterasu Ogami and are popular as “Ise of Hyuga”. Rugby Japan National Team visits Miyazaki training camp to pray for victory.

Recommended accommodation plan for visiting Miyazaki Spring Camp Phoenix Seagaia Resort offers special accommodation plans with original goods to support Fukuoka Softbank Hawks’ spring camps, and resort plans that offer great value for consecutive nights.
Enjoy a camp tour of your favorite team based in Seagaia.
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Spring Camp Support Plan
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks official sponsor “Phoenix Seagaia Resort” has prepared a popular plan every year with original goods that will please Hawks fans. This year’s merchandise is a stainless steel thermo tumbler and lunch cotton tote that will also play an active part in camping support! Since it is first come, first served, it will end as soon as it is gone.
[Image 9

* Photo shows Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 2019 Miyazaki Spring Camp. @SoftBank HAWKS
■ Period: February 1, 2020 (Sat)-February 24, 2020 (Sat)
■ Guest rooms: Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
Standard Force and others
■ Price: One night with breakfast (when using one room for 4 people) 12,800 yen per person (tax included)
■ Privilege: With SoftBank Hawks original goods (one set per person during stay) ワ ン One drink present on the second floor of the hotel “Kazemachi Terrace” (once during stay)
* Camp holidays: February 5 (Wed), 10 (Mon), 14 (Fri), 18 (Tue), 21 (Fri) If you enjoy the resort,
A plan with a dinner ticket once during your stay is recommended [Breakfast and dinner included] Continuous stay is advantageous! plan Get a dinner ticket that can be used once during your stay for 2 consecutive nights or more! For dinner, you can choose from Japanese / Western buffet, Chinese and Japanese dishes.
[Image 10d17658-59-892585-6.jpg
■ Period: Until March 31, 2020 (Tuesday)
■ Guest rooms: Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
Standard Force and others
■ Price: 1 night breakfast included (4 people in 1 room, per night) 11,11,500 yen per person (tax included)
■ Privilege: With dinner that can be selected for consecutive nights * Please select from the following
・ “Pine Terrace”: Japanese / Western buffet
・ Kyushu rice and “Yonekyu”: Gozen
・ Chinese cuisine “Aihai”: Dinner course
I want to move my body too! Activities you can enjoy at Seagaia [Image 11d17658-59-468595-13.jpg
As the terms such as “trip run” and “resort run” are used, more and more people are enjoying running while traveling. Seagaia is a popular resort for runners. It has a flat, easy-to-run running course in the resort area, surrounded by vast black pine forests. It is said that “phytoncide” released from Kuromatsu has a bactericidal action, cell activation, recovery from fatigue, relaxation effect, etc., and it is said that its effect is further enhanced by aerobic exercise. Also, “SEAGAIA RUN PORT” has been set up for runners to enjoy running. At each facility, guests can use lockers for changing clothes, baths and saunas after running, and enjoy a “resort run” at Seagaia.
[Image 12d17658-59-942870-14.jpg
Seagaia is surrounded by a vast black pine forest and has a flat and easy-to-run cycling road, so you can enjoy cycling while feeling the refreshing wind. The Sheraton Grand Ocean Resort, a hotel located within Seagaia, offers a wealth of over 50 bike rentals, offering course maps and cycling guides. In addition, not only activities that are aligned with Seagaia, but also contents and tourist information in Miyazaki Prefecture are provided, making it possible to stay active and enjoy the charm of Miyazaki Prefecture.
[Table 4:“>

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